Provari V3 P3 e-cigarette reviews coupon discount code


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People are still waiting for the new versions because of the excellent and new technology of the Provari. This is basically powerful microprocessor which lets you adjust the fine tune in your device. Provari V3 P3 starter kit coupon promo voucher discount promo code:

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It has great new features which you have never seen before and bringing some new and exciting features. It has power output which is regulated and keep the voltage same throughout the puffs no matter how much battery remains. If the battery is done is low it will still give you perfect vapor all day without any stop in between day. Now it’s easy for the users to dial perfect setting for the e-liquids, atomizers and other accessories. People use it as a lifetime device because it is much reliable and trustworthy.


Provari P3 has following features:

* The voltage of Provari 3 is adjustable and can adjust in between 2.9 to 6.0 volts and the wattage can be adjusted from 3-20.
* With the latest tank and flat design give hybrid as well as clean look.
* It has maximum compatibility with the atomizers and tanks due to self adjusting nature.
* It helps you to adopt multiple tanks of new models as well. They are able to connect with new connections too.
* Unique serial number is on each device.
* It has scrolling icon based graphics and it adjust the settings visually.
* It has a button of translucent seven colors and it gives battery low alert and gives you option as well to press them and all seven colors rotate.
* To power off the device on/off button is provided.
* The settings are adjustable and let you dial in your favorite boost.
* The device provide high level of safety in the world, just by pressing button you can vape safely.
* For quick recall you can save all the settings in memory slot.
* Scrolling adjust setting is also available to control the setting of menu.

Overall Rating55555
Battery Life55555
Customer Service55555

One thought on “Provari V3 P3 e-cigarette reviews coupon discount code

  1. MrGwtwdb
    Overall Rating 55555
    Battery Life 55555
    Smoke/Vapor 55555
    Flavor 55555
    Cost/Value 55555
    Customer Service 55555

    I purchased a P3 in Cincinnati today. This is my first foray into anything other than an eGo device. Although mine has the 3.5 firmware, I find the default level 3 brightness just fine and I doubt I will change that setting. as for the device itself, I wanted a reliable device that delivers a quality vaping experience. I looked at several devices for quite some time on the Internet weighing the pros and cons of each. I had planned on going with a cheaper device that I had settled on until the P3 was available just to trial and error a bit. After trying the devices that were on my short list as well as the P3, which to my surprise was available at a B&M, I knew the obvious choice.

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Overall Rating
Battery Life
Customer Service