Pet Care 101: How to Give CBD Oil to Dogs The Correct Way

how to give cbd oil to dogs

The CBD industry is expecting a growth of over 700% by the year 2020. The sharp increase in sales is due to CBD becoming a safe and effective method for improving one’s physical and mental health.

Yet, this natural alternative can also benefit the wellbeing of our four-legged friends. Learning how to give CBD oil to dogs can provide relief from pain and anxiety.

Read on to learn more about using CBD oil to benefit the lifestyle of your pet.

The Power of CBD for Your Pets

CBD is a cannabis compound that comes from the hemp plant. It has similar origins as the more well-known THC found in marijuana plants. Yet, CBD differs from THC as it does not offer any psychoactive effects.

This means that people and pets can ingest CBD in safe doses, without getting them high. CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, stimulating its receptors. This helps the body to maintain balance and to support the function of its many systems.

CBD also has antifungal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. So, there are great health benefits when using CBD for pets.

Pain Management

Taking CBD can help provide an alternative form of pain relief. It helps the body and mind to reduce pain and inflammation.

This can help animals that are experiencing chronic pain. As well as pets suffering symptoms of arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Mental Health

CBD works by helping to stimulate hormones in the brain, like serotonin. This can help pets suffering from anxiety or depression. It can create a calming effect, offering them relief from insomnia as well.

This makes CBD especially helpful during stressful situations for pets. You can give them CBD to help ease separation anxiety when traveling. Or during thunderstorms or long car rides.

Health and Wellbeing

CBD can also help support your pet’s immune system. Studies show it helps those suffering from cancer. As it works to slow tumor growth and stop free radical damage.

It can also improve an ill dog’s appetite and suppress nausea. CBD is also getting used to help reduce seizures, as it helps those with epilepsy.

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It can even improve your pet’s hair and skin health. CBD works to combat psoriasis by regulating skin cell growth.

Still wondering what is CBD oil for dogs and why should it replace your current treatment plan? Another benefit of CBD is that it offers a natural form of relief. It does this without the negative side effects of medicines like pain killers.

How to Give CBD Oil to Dogs, The Right Way

CBD for dogs can be a safe and effective way to offer relief for a variety of ailments.  Yet, their bodies can be more sensitive to CBD so the right dosage is important.

Dosage should get determined by the pet’s weight and the severity of their symptoms. You’ll also want to consider the pet’s change in tolerance levels. As you’ll likely need a gradual increase over time.

For CBD oil dosage for dogs, it’s best to start small then increases bit by bit. The standard recommended dose is about .05 mg one or two times a day. If you have a tiny dog, you may want to begin with a lower dose at first.

Yet, remember that dosage will also depend on the strength of the CBD oil you’re using. So, be sure to only use CBD oil that gets made for pets.

The effects of CBD will take about 30 minutes to kick in. They can last a few hours, so most pets do well with two doses a day.

Be sure to keep a close eye on your dog afterward. Stay on the lookout for any side effects. These are rare but can include extreme fatigue or vomiting if given too strong a dose.

Making CBD Edible and Delicious for Dogs

Easy ways to consume CBD include ingesting or applying to the skin. CBD oil for dogs can get given as capsules, drops, or treats.

You can hide capsules in their dry dog food. Yet, pickier dogs may choose not to ingest them.

With a CBD tincture, you can drop the oil right in the dog’s mouth. This is most ideal when giving larger doses.

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The easiest method is making tasty CBD dog treats. You can do this by adding CBD oil to pre-made treats or making your own.

Be sure to use porous dog treats if buying pre-made. This lets the CBD soak into the treat more. Chewy texture treats will absorb the CBD better, rather than hard milk bones.

Getting Creative in the Kitchen With Your Own CBD Dog Treats

It’s easy to make your own dog treats with healthy and natural ingredients. Choose peanut butter, rolled oats, apple chunks, and pumpkin. Add a few drops of CBD and roll into no-bake bites to place in the fridge.

Or bake treats in the shape of fun dog bones or paw prints. Combine your favorite ingredients, including flour and coconut oil. Then bake for about 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

You can also make frozen treats using an old ice cube tray. These can include minced chicken, yogurt, and cheese.

CBD oil can even get added into wet dog food or their favorite human foods. Yet, you want to avoid chocolate or artificial sweeteners that can be harmful to a dog’s health.

Remember to always choose quality CBD products for your pets. You’ll want to read the ingredients to ensure they do not use pesticides. Or other harmful additives.

You’ll also want products that get made from hemp plants. This is so they won’t contain any THC levels.

CBD as Part of Your New Wellness Routine

Knowing how to give CBD oil to dogs is a safe and effective method for both physical and mental relief. It can help to manage their pain, anxiety, and a variety of illnesses. This makes it a great natural alternative to add to your pet’s wellness routine.

Cannabis is an evolving industry as science continues to discover new medical benefits of CBD. Learn more about other health advantages that the cannabis plant can offer you and your and pets.