The Easiest (and Most Effective) Methods to Quit Smoking for Good

Quit Smoking

First of all, bravo! We wish to congratulate you on making the difficult yet very beneficial choice to permanently quit smoking.

Secondly, since this is no easy undertaking, we’re going to help you do it. We know that there are many methods to quit smoking and that some work better than others. So, after lots of research, we’ve assembled the easiest and most effective of these methods below.

Granted, it still won’t be truly easy to quit no matter what method(s) you choose. But it absolutely is possible.

And, today, you’re going to learn how to do it. Just read this guide to learn how to stop smoking immediately.

1. Set the Date

Make it official. Choose a day to initiate your particular plan for quitting and mark it on your calendar. This makes it a solid commitment—a promise to yourself—that you’re less likely to weasel out of.

2. Make the Plan

Next, what exactly is your plan? For instance, are you quitting cold turkey or gradually weaning off?

Figure out the details of your plan and write them down. (The other points on this list will help with this.)

Create a schedule to help you stick to this plan. Set alarms on your phone and install goal-setting apps. In other words, do everything you can to structure your life around this plan of yours.

3. Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Next, you don’t have to endure the full force of your debilitating nicotine withdrawal symptoms all at once, nor should you. Instead, soften the blow with nicotine replacement therapy (NRT for short).

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The most common examples of NRT are nicotine gum/patches and vaping. Vaping systems are available in a variety of styles and devices, as is illustrated on the RedJuice website.

Since these methods are safer for your body than smoking, some smokers choose to switch to NRT permanently rather than giving up nicotine altogether. There’s a dark side to this, though.

While NRT does alleviate your withdrawals, it doesn’t necessarily curb your cravings to smoke. In fact, keeping the nicotine coursing through your veins long-term might make you crave smoking even more. That said, it’s definitely effective when used to gradually wean off of nicotine completely.

4. Address Your Triggers

Lastly, get prepared for smoke breaks, receiving bad news, and anything else that normally triggers you to smoke. Specifically, make a list.

In your head, go through your normal, weekly smoking routine. Write down the times you typically smoke and any other events or situations that cause you to reach for another cigarette. Make sure you even plan for out-of-the-ordinary situations, like out-of-town business meetings or vacations.

Next, write a list of replacement activities you can do instead of smoking in these instances. Also, get support from others. That is, talk to them about this plan so they’ll be understanding and helpful.

Apply These Methods to Quit Smoking Now

Don’t give in and don’t get discouraged. You can do it. Just follow the steps above and apply these effective methods to quit smoking.

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