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A lot of people ask me common questions about electronic smokeless cigarettes. So, I decided to write FAQ, where I answer on frequently asked questions by potential e-cigs smokers.

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1. How does the electronic smokeless cigarette work?

E-Cigarettes, in general, are a rather barbaric concept technology to-date, in lieu and comparison of other more advanced, smokeless cigarettes such as box mod vaporizers, hookahs, and other wireless technology that allows the consumption of smokeless nicotine, in the form of clouds or vape steam.
With the simple pull or inhaling of your mouth, an e-cigarette works on a battery and atomizer to prepare and release desirable clouds of steam filled with nicotine and your favorite flavor!

2. E-Cigarette Starter Kits


Selecting the most practical, and reputable e-cigarette starter kit can seem like an intimidating project. Considering the various brand names, and lack thereof, of the multitude of e-cigarette types, styles, and sizes online might give the impression that this will be a daunting decision to make. However, have no fear, and remember the power of Google and other major search engines and review sites when it comes to selecting the most reputable, effective, and long-lasting products, in this case an e-cigarette.

When selecting the most practical and genuine e-cigarette starter kit, pay close attention to warranty and return options, and thoroughly explore both local and external reviews of the company and products itself before investing your money. The cheaper the better is not a rule of thumb here. However, if it sounds too good to be true then it most likely is.

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3. Understanding Variable Voltage and Wattage in E-Cigarettes

vapor beast e-cig mod review

Understanding the purpose of variable voltage and wattage in e-cigarettes, specifically box-mods, will further your likelihood of selecting the most practical product for you.

Adjusting the wattage and voltage of a box-mod electronic cigarette or vaporizer for example, allocates you definite and total control of how hot you make the coils before burning and consuming your vaporized (nicotine) mist or clouds.

How hot you make your coils and amp up the wattage can totally modify your vaping experience, but it can also burn out parts and create a fire-hazard. With that being said, such total control is not especially recommended for newer users. Rather, less control of wattages and voltage is most desirable for new users, as factory set modes and levels are designed to ensure a consistent vaporizing experience and in turn the most long-lasting product as possible.

4. What’s an E-Cig Mechanical Mod?


Mechanical E-Cigarette Mods, essentially, reflect a structured device that is not compiled of soldered points of contact and mechanics. Rather, the majority if not all of the build is based on simple, basic mechanical parts and tools that could be recreated or troubleshot with ease by a consumer, on his or her own.
A mechanical mod, by definition, is one without electronic parts, and essentially, those without springs, and ones that solely require a battery are most in demand. May it be due to geographic location, unavailability of services, resources, or products, a mechanical mod is practical for someone who is technologically savvy, able to follow directions, and has some level of experience or willingness to understand and troubleshoot mechanical problems on his or her own.

5. Rebuildable Atomizers


A rebuildable atomizer, also known as an RBA, is essentially an atomizer technology that specifically allows the total customization of wicks and coils for your vaporizing experience.

An RBA is desirable for those whom do not wish to deal with load-tanks, glass, and other materials that add extra maintenance, cost, and often technical difficulties throughout their vaping experience. In a sense, utilizing RBA technology is very “old-school” in the sense that it comes down to your ability and willingness to ‘drip’ the adequate amount necessary of e-juice onto your vaporizers wick and take it from there! The Kanger subtank and subtank minis are prime examples of original RBA designs, and will easily further your understanding and experience with such an approach to electronic cigarettes and a vaporizer experience.

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6. What is the difference between electronic and regular cigarettes?

• There is no combustion process, and as a consequence – the harmful tar and carcinogens emitted during the smoldering tobacco

• It cannot be cause of ignition and fire

• Virtually, it’s harmless for health. It contains only nicotine that is required to suppress the nicotine dependence

• Do not require ignition

• Do not allocate the ashes

• Do not allow your teeth to get yellow

• No cause an unpleasant smell from the hands, mouth, clothes, etc.

• Do not fall under the law to ban smoking

• Do not cause passive smoking

7. Does the electronic cigarette is harmful for health?

The electronic cigarette is almost harmless, because it contains only nicotine, drugs needed to satisfy nicotine dependence. Nicotine is the substance of a tonic, it is less harmful than the cancer-causing substances released during the burning of tobacco.

8. How does electronic cigarette smell?

To other people ‘smoke’ of e-cigarette is almost no smell and has a pleasant smell. Smoker gets pleasure from smoking, by setting various aromatic flavors of cartridges: Marlboro, menthol, strawberry, apple, cherry, Cola, etc.

9. Where can I use the electronic cigarette?

You can use the electronic cigarette can be almost anywhere: in the non-smoking restaurants and catering establishments, offices and hospitals, trains and planes. The law to ban smoking do not apply on the using of electronic cigarettes, because there is no combustion process and the dangers of passive smoking to others.

10. Are there any contraindications for the electronic cigarette usage?

The electronic cigarette is not intended to

• Persons who are under age of majority

• People with allergic reaction to nicotine

• Non-smokers

• Pregnant or lactating women

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