Smoke Shop Accessories: 5 Things You Need to Have

Smoke Shop Accessories

Did you know that more than 30 million adults smoke cigarettes and 12% of the population smokes marijuana in the US? 

As cannabis becomes legalized and more people switch to vaping, smoke shops are reappearing across the country. 

If you want to enjoy your smoking sessions, there are a few things that you should consider getting. 

Continue reading to discover the best smoke shop accessories that you need for the next time you light up! 

1. Vape Stickers

One of the best smoke shop accessories to get if you vape is exterior stickers.

Stickers can get placed on the outside of your vape pens or boxes. They make it easy to identify which one is yours and you’re less likely to lose it. Make sure that you get stickers appropriate for your vaping devices, especially with so many vapes on the market. 

These are a fun way to show your personality and add a little color to life! A vape smoke shop should carry these stickers, otherwise, you can find them online. 

2. Rolling Papers

Whether you want to smoke some cannabis or tobacco, rolling papers are a must-have.  

Rolling papers are often made of hemp, rice straw, or wood pulp. The material of them helps influence the way that the joint smokes and can make each inhale smoother. Depending on your group size, you can get personal paper or large cones to take care of an entire group. 

If you are interested in making your smoking sesh more enjoyable, don’t be afraid to try the flavored papers. 

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3. Smart Jars

If you are a smart smoker then you will want smart jars that are made custom.

Scent-proof jars are highly recommended for holding your products. Not only will these jars keep you from losing your stash, but they will also keep it fresh. Another advantage of these jars that you can learn about is that they prevent people from smelling what you have. 

Don’t risk it by carrying around tobacco or other leaves in a plastic bag. You are much safer with a smart jar. 

4. Cleaning Products

Marijuana and tobacco are enjoyable, that is until your pipe or bong is dirty.

Dirty smoking devices can ruin a session and make you cough up a storm. The best way to avoid this problem is by getting cleaning products. From scrubbers to soaps and cleaning crystals, you will need them to get rid of the gunk. 

You should also think about getting filters that will prevent your bongs and pipes from getting dirtier. 

5. Lighters 

Some people lose lighters every time they blink, while others can hold onto the same one for years.

Think about your lighter habits and determine which types of them you should get. If you often lose track of them, put your money towards cheap and disposable options. You can still find colorful and patterned choices. 

If you smoke in the same place each day, you should get a custom design that fits your personality. 

Get These Smoke Shop Accessories 

No matter what gives you relief, these smoke shop accessories are sure to improve your sessions. 

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Smoking becomes a lot more enjoyable when you have clean devices and a connection to them. Through the use of colors, patterns, and words, you can find a unique lighter or vape sticker that shows people who you are.

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