4 Things to Know About Weed Cultivation

Weed Cultivation

Are you planning to turn your property into the next big weed-growing operation? You’re in good company.

Research shows that weed remains the most commonly used and cultivated drug in the world. The weed industry in the United States was valued at more than $13 billion back in 2019.

People get involved in weed cultivation for a variety of reasons. However, few know how to start the process of growing cannabis.

Here are several things to know before starting the process of growing weed in 2022.

Let’s dig in (so to speak)! 

1. Grow Time

As a general rule of thumb, weed plants require 12 hours of light per day. This is why many growers like to use grow lights to cultivate these plants indoors. Grow lights offer the benefit of helping you to regulate your plants’ dark-and-light cycle.

In addition, you can expect your cannabis seeds to begin germinating in 3-7 days. Following germination, your seedling will begin to produce flowers over the span of 2-3 months. 

Once flowers begin to appear, you can expect to harvest your plant in 1.5 months to a total of four months based on your chosen cannabis variety. 

2. Humidity Issues

When you grow cannabis, your humidity levels can’t be too high if you want healthy plants. That’s because humidity levels above 50% can cause you plants to begin developing bud rot.

In addition, microorganisms, such as mold, will thrive in weed when the conditions are wet. By keeping the humidity low, you keep your buds from getting so wet that microorganisms grow on them easily.

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To check your grow area’s humidity levels, use a water activity test. This type of test checks the water activity in cannabis by reading the amount of humidity in the air surrounding a sample of your cannabis plant. The sample should be placed in a tightly sealed container. 

3. Male and Female

When you cultivate weed, you should use only female plants. That’s because female cannabis plants produce flowers with cannabinoid levels that are high. Cannabinoids are the ingredients that help cannabis users to feel high or to experience relief from chronic pain.

You can tell a female plant from a male plant by looking at the nodes located between the branches and main stem. Females will have white, wispy hairs in this area. Meanwhile, males will have pollen sacs that are ball shaped.

Master the Art and Science of Weed Cultivation Today

Although the weed cultivation process may understandably be exciting to embark on, it can also be tricky. However, you can experience cannabis growth success if you’re willing to endure the lessons that come from trial and error.

Consider the above-listed tips for growing weed as you strive to master how to grow cannabis. With a little finesse, patience, and knowledge, you can easily become a weed-growing wizard in the months and years ahead.

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