How to Avoid the Most Common Tobacco Pipe Smoking Mistakes

Tobacco Pipe Smoking Mistakes

Your first time isn’t always your best, but we think we can help make it better, at the very least.

If you have a tobacco pipe that you plan on smoking pr are simply thinking of buying one, this one’s for you. Today we’re going to take a quick look into the most common mistakes all beginners are susceptible to making and find out how you can avoid them and smoke like a pro. 


Let’s get started!

Spending on the Wrong Tobacco Pipe

You’ve got so many pipes to choose from, and probably budget constraints. Well, spending on a cheap pipe is going to cost you some pleasure. At the same time, spending on a super expensive, artistic pipe is going to be pointless because you simply wont be able to get your money’s worth as a newbie. 

The key of course is to find the right balance.

Opt for a low to mid-range pipe. Corn cob is generally a good material to start with as it is easy to maintain and also affordable. However, other materials like briarwood and meerschaum would work just as well so long as you get your technique right.

Choose a shape, chamber, and stem that works for you. Additionally, consider getting one with a pipe filter like the vauen tube 3 tobacco pipe which gives you great value for your money.

Packing Your Pipe Too Tight

While it might be tempting to pack in your bowl with as much tobacco as you can, know that it’s a bad idea. This will call for more aggressive puffing which will eventually lead to an overheated pipe. 

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While you do have to fill the bowl, you should still be able to lightly press down on it to ensure that it maintains that springy mattress feel. It’s about maintaining the right level of compression.

Handling Your Pipe Like a Cigarette

If you’re someone whos familiar with cigarettes, you might be tempted to smoke your pipe in a similar fashion. Well, don’t. The idea behind a tobacco pipe is to take slow, deliberate drags and savor the experience. 

Take your time to soak in the aroma, relax your muscles, and get the most out of your pipe. Think of it as the smoker’s version of sipping on some expensive scotch. It’s about the experience, not the high.

Don’t rush into it, and don’t smoke too deeply either. If you take puffs too quickly or too deeply, the tobacco burns faster and stronger.

Smoke Right the Next Time

Well, now you’re all set to smoke that tobacco pipe you’ve had sitting around.

What? You don’t have one sitting around? Well, go get one if you’d like to, then.

You sure have the knowledge to do it justice.

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