Looking for a Bud Dispensary? 5 Signs You’ve Found a Reputable One and 5 Signs to Run

bud dispensary

When you have a good bud dispensary, it’s not like having a favorite liquor store. Each dispensary is different, has different strains, and a different feel.

Sure, some liquor stores are nicer than others – but you’re not going to go around and ask a friend for recommendations, are you?

However, if a friend suggests a dispensary, then you should check it out. Learn more signs of a good dispensary below.

1. It Comes Recommended

Like we said above, having someone recommend a dispensary to you is a good sign. What did they say they liked about it?

If your friend is really into edibles and you’re not, do they still have choices right for you? Ask clarifying questions and get to know why your friend thinks they’re a good choice.

It doesn’t hurt to check it out yourself if you have the time. If your friend doesn’t have the answers you’re looking for you can always call and ask the staff yourself.

2. They Have Testing Results

Do not, we repeat, do not go to a dispensary that doesn’t publicize or at least have information available on their testing procedures.

Like anything else you put in your body, you need to make sure its safe and doesn’t have unnecessary chemicals.

When it comes to their testing, who does it? Is it in-house or through a third party? Third party labs are better since they don’t have a horse in the race.

For most people, it’s enough to know that products are tested. If you want to see test results, though, feel free to ask. They may direct you to a page on their website or put you in contact with a manager.

It’s unlikely you’ll walk in and they’ll have PDF test results ready to go.

3. They Do Medical

If you find a bud dispensary that’s both medical and recreationally licensed, go there! Since medical marijuana has so many regulations and testing procedures, they’re used to working tightly within the law.

That means their recreational bud is probably higher quality and better tested. Just make sure you check what door you enter when you’re there.

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Some dispensaries have one entrance for medical and one for recreational. Read the signage on the door before you enter.

4. Their Budtenders are Educated

When you walk into a dispensary, you’ll find the receptionist and the outer-staff. It’s not until your name is called and you go back into the product room that you meet the budtenders.

The budtenders are the equivalent of bartenders if bartenders had an idea of how each difference in alcohol affected everyone. A budtender should be able to recommend an exact strain for what you’re looking for.

If they sound like they’re bullshitting you, use your best judgment, buy what you need, and don’t go back.

5. They’re Strict

You should always have to present ID when you go into a bud dispensary. They should at least check your age and enter you into their system.

If they’re very thorough, they’ll do that and scan your ID in an authenticity checker. The strictest dispensaries will make a copy of your ID to keep on file.

Don’t worry – none of this information is available to the outside world. It just shows that they care enough to cover their legal bases – a good business practice.

Signs They’re Sketchy

Now, buying bud is still a tricky thing. In states where it was recently legalized or there are confusing regulations, people can and will take advantage of you.

You don’t want to be someone that thought they were smoking legal bud just to get caught in the middle of a sting.

Check that your dispensary does NOT have any of the following qualities before you become a regular customer.

1. A Sketchy Feel

Do not frequent a bud dispensary that gives you a sketchy feeling. In most cases, if your gut tells you something is wrong, it’s right.

When people speak to crime victims, they almost always cite that something felt off. They ignored their gut feeling and something bad happened.

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Don’t be one of those people who regrets something that didn’t have to happen in the first place.

2. Random Charges and Rules

Does the dispensary you’re going to have something weird on their pricing board? A finder’s fee or a pre-incorporated budtender tip?

That’s not cool. You should only pay for what you’re buying, nothing else. Yes, it’s appreciated if you tip your budtenders, but it’s not required.

Tip as you see fit.

3. Bad Customer Reviews

We know that online reviews aren’t always truthful – but pay special attention to the negative ones. How did the business respond to the feedback? Did they offer to fix it or ignore it entirely?

A well-established dispensary will respond calmly and reasonably to a negative review.

4. They Don’t Care

If you walk into a dispensary and there’s no sense of welcoming or customer service, walk right on out. This is supposed to be a personalized experience based on you.

Skip any dispensary that doesn’t make you, the person funding them, feel important.

5. They Sell Bad Weed

Every once in a while, you’ll get a bad batch of one thing or the other. But if you consistently get low-quality highs or overly-anxious from the same strain – stop buying it!

If it seems to be a pattern with their inventory in general, stop buying that bud. There’s no reason to waste your money.

Bud Dispensaries: The Pro’s Guide

When you check out a dispensary, you want to know that you’re engaging in a legal business. Make sure they seem like they’ve crossed their T’s and dotted their I’s.

You can’t tell everything about a dispensary in person, but you can tell more than you think.

Trust your gut about a bud dispensary and once you find one you like, stick to it. Build relationships with the budtenders and ask for different things.

Yes, you’re buying drugs, but it’s still a business transaction – it should feel like it.

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