Altsmoke electronic cigarette coupon. New discount code is the US number one cigarette online shop, this is the friendly place where people can easily purchase the quality product of their own choice. Here you can do shopping of e-cigs, cigars, disposable e-cigs and other liquid juices online by giving them your acceptable card number. You can choose product of your choice with suitable price and they will deliver it to you. They have also store but for international customers they are also selling number of products online. This site is selling following products with price mentioned below:
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* Starter Kits: Starter kits include kits for beginners, intermediate and advance level. Starter kit named volt has two rechargeable lithium batteries with five filter tips in your selected flavor and strength. USB charger, wall adapter and three month warranty.

Intermediate kit: Joye ego is an intermediate kit with two 650mAh batteries and it’s running is 4 times longer than other one. This kit is in stainless steel material.

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Advance Kit: IPV2S- 60w mod box is of china and has high battery. It’s battery can be upgraded via computer and has inactive touch censor and many specs.

*E-liquid: Their e-liquid consist of different flavors like Nicquid apple, added burst, bahama blizzard, Nicquid, alpha cloud science, day dreamer, tater and many more.

* EGO Twist and Spinner Battery: They are replacement batteries and you can choose the bottom cap to choose the voltage simply. These batteries does not include charger.

* Accessories: The accessories include large number of items like batteries, chargers, adapters, clearomizers, cartomizers and atomizers. The range of these products are very vast and prices are different.

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