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E-cigarettes give the real charm and taste of a tobacco as nicotine cigarettes gives. The electronic cigarettes are considered to be little bit safer than that of common tobacco cigarettes. Many of countries are passing laws in order to give an approval to the legitimacy of electronic cigarettes. Because the standard health centers gives indications that electronic cigarettes neither produce such smoke that leads to lungs cancer nor so on diseases nor it contains the products like nicotine that is hazardous for health. Rather an electronic smoke contains mists which just gives the pleasure like smoke but do not have as much hazards like other smokes.

Where E-cigarette was first developed?

E-cigarette is bliss of China and was firstly introduced in the U.S market. The year in whih E cigarette was introduced was of 2007.

How an E-cigs looks like:

In looks the E cigarettes looks a ditto copy of real cigarettes. One can never find the difference whether a smoker has e-cigarettes in his hands its real cigarettes.

What are the advantages of E-cigarette over tobacco cigarette?

E cigarette is less hazardous then that of tobacco cigarette. The basic advantages embrace:

• harm reduction
• lessens the risks related to tobacco
• delivers less nicotine than smoking

How does an E-cigarettes works?

The E-cigarette has a battery at its end. Though looks are similar to tobacco cigarette but in actual the internal working is different. An e-cigarette do not contains any sort of tobacco. And it does not produce any sort of smoke. It just gets evaporates. It works on the process of vaporization in which liquid gets vaporize. When you inhale this cigarette or when the liquid is vapid it turns in to liquid.

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