Smokeless Electronic Cigarette Alternative to Real Cigarette!

electronic smokeless cigaretts

Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes are an excellent, healthier alternative to the usual cigarettes and pipes. Studies have shown that the electronic cigarette is absolutely safe to human health because it excludes the combustion process and therefore does not create harmful chemicals. The principle of operation of electronic cigarettes based on ultrasonic spray nicotine based liquid or the generation of the liquid cold vapor.

The electronic cigarette can keep under control dependence on nicotine, the more both physical and psychological. Manufactured cartridges with different nicotine content:  non-nicotine, easy, medium and strong. This cartridge is equivalent to approximately to 1 pack of conventional cigarettes! Additionally, there are a variety of flavors for electronic cigarettes, such as:  cherry, coffee and others.


– There is no the usual bad breath, the hands and clothing.
– All flavors – natural.
– Do not have a huge amount of hazardous components
such as benzene, cyanide and carcinogens. Only nicotine and water!
– No passive smoking.
– Firesafety, you can smoke in airplanes, trains, at work, at home.
– You do not need an ashtray.
– An alternative to smoking!

The purified nicotine is addictive and acts as a relaxing agent, when the receptors in the brain receive the nicotine. It also further limits the flow of blood to the heart muscle thereby increasing the pressure.

As described earlier, the classical electronic cigarette consists of replacement cartridges, a steam generator or an ultrasonic nebulizer, battery. The kit, along with e-cigarette include:  charger,  aromatic cartridges containing nicotine from 0 to 16 mg.

Electronic cigarettes are a wonderful, healthy alternative to the usual cigars and cigarettes. The manufacturer claims that the electronic cigarette is not harmful to occasional smoker, because it lacks the combustion process and therefore, no harmful substances. Electronic cigarette allows to control the level of dependency, both physical and psychological.

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And now people around, can not tell you that you have to hound their addiction – the smoke is safe, therefore, by law, the electronic cigarette is allowed to use in places where smoking is prohibited!

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