Great Tips and Advice to Find the Best Smoking Option for You

Person Smoking from a Bong

The times are certainly a-changin’. In the past few years, marijuana laws across the United States have dramatically changed. What was once strictly prohibited and potentially punished with jail time is now legal in a growing number of states.

That means a lot of new people are trying out smoking marijuana for the very first time. There are so many different ways to smoke, and newbies might not know what the best smoking option is for them. 

There are so many different devices out there for smoking, it can be hard to determine which might be the method that will provide the best experience for you. Read on and we’ll walk you through some of the best options out there. 

Learn Your Limits

Getting high can be extremely fun, but it’s certainly no fun to get TOO high. In fact, getting too high can be a little terrifying. 

Eventually, everyone has an experience where they get too high. It’s something we can all laugh about later, but it’s not something to look forward to and can certainly freak you out in the moment.

When you first start smoking, it’s best to test out your limits and see what you’re capable of handling. Everyone’s tolerance for weed is different and based on a variety of factors, so you’ll need to discover what you can handle on your own.

Start with small quantities of marijuana and don’t get crazy right off the bat. You can slowly work your way up to edibles and more wild ways of smoking once you have more stable ground under your feet.

As soon as you start to feel uncomfortable or strange while smoking, you should call it quits. The more you smoke, the better you’ll get a handle on when you’ve gone too far.

Learn About Various Strains

What was the popular marijuana movie Pineapple Express all about? Pineapple Express was actually the (fictional) name of a strain of marijuana in the film. All true potheads know about different strains of marijuana.

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Strains are simply weed from different places, grown in different ways. You can think of it in much the same way as different kinds of coffee beans. It’s all still marijuana, but there will be subtle touches that are different from strain to strain. 

Indicia and Sativa are two of the most common and popular strains. Indica provides a more drowsy, sleepy kind of high while Sativa is a more clear-headed high. There are hybrids the mix the two, and all kinds of different strains to get familiar with and explore.

If you live in a state with a dispensary, the employees there will be happy to walk you through the various strains and what they can provide. Find a few strains you really enjoy and you’ll be well on your way to being a marijuana aficionado. 

Some strains lend themselves better to different ways of smoking. If you find a strain you like, you’ll have an easier time landing on what smoking option might be best for you.

Set Yourself up for Success

One way to ensure you have a successful and enjoyable experience getting high is thinking ahead. It might not sound like a pot head-mentality, but you’ll be happy you did once you’re in the midst of things.

For one, think about your transportation. Despite what anyone else tells you, you should not plan to drive while high. Not only is it against the law, but it’s just plain dangerous. As such, make sure you’ll have a ride home if you’re smoking somewhere else, or commit to spending the night.

Alternatively, plan to use a ride share service to get to and from your destination. Just make sure being around a stranger while you’re high won’t freak you out.

You also want to plan for one other common occurrence: the munchies. You will get hungry and want some snacks once you’re feeling the effects of marijuana, so it’s best to execute your shopping spree ahead of time.

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Start With the Obvious Options

There’s a lot of different smoking options out there, and even well-worn weed-lovers might not be familiar with all of them. What’s the difference between a bubbler vs bong anyway, right? 

Any newcomer to the world of weed would do better to start with the more traditional ways of smoking. That means remembering the three B’s: blunts, bongs, and bowls. 

A blunt is a marijuana cigarette. You can roll these yourselves with rolling paper. If you’re looking for a casual way to get high with the most control, a blunt is probably the way to go.

Bongs are incredibly popular but they can be a bit more of a chore to get right. The construction of a bong allows you to get the maximum intake of THC into your lungs, which means a killer high. However, the complexity of the design requires a little bit of a learning curve as well.

A bowl is a little more serious but can provide a best of both worlds situation. You can definitely pack more marijuana into a bowl than you could a regular joint, but it won’t hit you quite as hard as a bong would.

Bowls are also easily transportable, as they can fit snugly and discreetly into a bag or pocket. If you flirt between these three options initially, you’ll be able to branch out more easily later on. 

It’s always best to start with the basics.

The Best Smoking Option for 2020

Weed is finally becoming legalized in many places, which means people just like you are getting curious about the best smoking option out there. The above information and tips should set you down the right path.

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