Smoke Free High: Your Guide to How to Vape Marijuana

how to vape marijuana

Inhaling burnt plant matter can damage your lungs over time, regardless of the type of plant. Marijuana is a plant that offers a variety of health benefits, but it doesn’t need to be burned.

You can enjoy the benefits of marijuana in a variety of ways, including gummies, capsules, and more. One of the most popular methods of consumption among newcomers to the marijuana world is vaporizing.

Although vaping requires the marijuana to be heated into a vapor, it requires no combustion. As a result, you inhale no burnt plant matter.

Find out how to vape marijuana with this guide. You deserve to enjoy marijuana without the harsh effects of smoke on your throat and lungs.

How to Vape Marijuana: Choosing a Device

When it comes to choosing a device, your options are as varied as the marijuana products themselves. Each device has its own pros and cons.

Portable Flower Vaporizers

There are some portable devices that allow you to vaporize dry flower. These usually produce a similar feel to that of smoking.

You can find these devices in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are usually battery operated and can easily fit in your pocket or bag.

They do not allow for much temperature control unless you are willing to spend more money.

Tabletop Vaporizing Devices

These devices are ideal for medical marijuana patients who are invested in making the most of their treatment. Tabletop vaporizers are similar in size to a toaster.

Though they are not very portable, these vaporizers offer a wide range of temperature control. Different compounds within the marijuana plant vaporize at different specific temperatures.

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These devices allow for the most effective treatment delivery for those patients who need it.

Oils, Concentrates, and Waxes

This is one of the most popular and portable methods of vaporizing marijuana. The devices are small “pens” that operate on battery.

They are discreet. However, many users claim that these devices produce a high similar to dabbing.

If you are unfamiliar with dabbing, one dab contains two to nine times as much THC as the flower itself.

Take Care of Your Device and Your Stash

Once you decide on a device, you will need to take care of it. Routine maintenance and cleaning are necessary for a happy vaping experience.

The best way to store your flower is in a glass jar. Keep it in a cool, dark spot. You can read more here about how to keep your marijuana fresh and potent.

Consider Vaping

If you are new to the world of marijuana, you may be concerned about the long-term effects of smoking. The truth is burnt plant matter is not good for your lungs.

Vaporizing offers a smokeless alternative that allows you to enjoy the benefits of marijuana.

Now that you know how to vape marijuana, you can enjoy all it has to offer without the harmful effects of smoking.

Check out some reviews to help you find the right device for your needs.