How to Choose the Best Vape Tank: 5 Things to Consider


Vaping remains a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes, with around 8% of American adults saying they’ve vaped within the past week.

When you’re looking into vaping, the vape tank is one of the most important aspects you should consider. You want to get the best vape tank that suits your needs.

What is a vape tank? It’s the compartment that holds the vape juice and the coil. The coil wicks vape juice from the tank and heats it to create the vapor you inhale.

The type of vape tank you should get will depend on the features you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn more about five different things to take into consideration when looking at vape tanks.

1. Type of Product 

There are three primary types of product you can use in a vape tank. Each type of substance requires a specialized tank meant only for it. You can use either oil, wax, or dry herbs in a vape. If you buy a vape tank meant for oils, you won’t be able to use dry herbs or wax in it as they’ll most likely damage the coils and break the vape pen.

2. Threading and Size

Most vape tanks have 510 threading. The threading is what the vape cartridge screws into to connect the parts. You need to know the size of the threading and what you prefer so that you can mix and match atomizers and batteries should you ever need to replace a part.

Size comes into play for what type of vape tank you want as well. Great vape tanks are all about personal preference. You can find variances in the length of the tank, diameter, and even different shapes. If you’re looking for something you don’t have to refill but once every few days, you’ll obviously want a large tank. If you’re looking for something small that’ll fit in your pocket, then you’ll need a small vape tank.

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3. Heating Element

The heating element varies from model to model of vape tank. Some vape tanks have a pancake style heating coil. Others might have ceramic or quartz rods. 

You can also have multiple heating elements in a single tank. The more heating elements present, the faster you can take large puffs. Oftentimes, if you’re wanting to be able to get heavier puffs, you’ll also be more invested in flavor. If you’re looking for the best vape tank for flavor, then be sure to look into subohm tanks.

4. Coil

Sometimes, you’ll find that the coil will break and need to be replaced. However, some vape tanks don’t allow for the coil to be replaced. Instead, you’ll have to replace the entire cartridge. You’ll need to look at your options and decide whether you want a tank with removable coils, or one where you don’t have to bother with replacing individual parts.

5. Power Threshold

Large vape tanks will be able to hold a larger vape battery and stay charged. Smaller vape tanks will have a lower power threshold due to the smaller size of the battery. You’ll need to be aware of what type of battery your tank can handle, as it is possible to burn out a tank from using a battery that’s too powerful for the model.

The Best Vape Tank and You

There isn’t a definitive best vape tank for you to get. Instead, the best tank will be the one that fits your unique desires and needs. Take all of our tips into consideration and you’ll be sure to find a vape tank that’s perfect for you.

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