10 Festive Vape Flavors That Are Perfect for Winter

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Ahh, the refreshing chill in the air could mean only one thing: it’s time to stock up on holiday juice for your e-cig.

One of the best parts about vaping vs smoking is that you can choose your flavor. Rather than dealing with the oh-so-delicious cigarette smoke flavor. And there are tons of vape flavors on the market.

With all the options, it is hard to choose. That’s where we’re here to help. Here’s our guide to 10 festive vape flavors that are perfect for fall and winter.

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Who jumps up and down with excitement when the Starbuck’s pumpkin spice latte makes its first appearance of the year? If so, you’ll love a little pumpkin spice in your e-cig this winter.

And although pumpkin spice lattes might not be for everyone, anyone who vapes should give it a try. Most manufacturers have a similar flavor in their holiday offerings. And you get the pumpkin, cream, and spice in almost any combination.

Try out a few to see what you like. If you like the creaminess, a latte type of flavor might work best. If you’re more into spice, something that’s got more of a cinnamon flare might be for you.

2. Holiday Spice Cake

The beauty of holiday spice cake flavors is that there is a wide range of varieties. Some spice cake liquids are fruity and sweet.

Other types are spicier, with a hint of winter mint. Some spice cake vapor options are nutty, with undertones of pecan and walnut. Four Seasons Trade has a ton of similar vape flavors to fit the holiday season.

3. Chocolate Mint

Who doesn’t love a little mint chip for the holidays? Or anytime?!

Chocolate mint is one of the most common flavors of vape liquid, even during the summer months. It makes you feel like you’re inhaling a bowl of ice cream. Without the calories, of course.

But during the winter, chocolate mint takes on a whole new feeling. Try a robust variety that’s heavy on the dark chocolate undertones to give you a sense of warmth this winter.

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4. Candy Cane

Candy canes are a must for any Christmas tree. And they work well as a vapor flavor too. In fact, peppermint and candy cane are some of the most popular vape flavors during the holidays.

The spicier, the better with this vape scent. It’s a great scent for those who love a straight menthol. But this liquid isn’t quite as strong and gives you a little bit more holiday pop.

And, if you still like the idea of candy canes but don’t like spice, you can get a sweeter variety. Try out a few different kinds to ramp up your holiday vaping.

5. Eggnog

Nothing is more classic to the winter season than eggnog. This sweet, creamy, decadent drink is a staple in many homes. And it’s great for your e-cig too.

Just like the drink, there are literally hundreds of ways to flavor an eggnog vape juice. Try one that’s really spicy, with cinnamon and nutmeg in a strong flavor profile.

Or try a vanilla eggnog flavor that’s super creamy and sweet for an after dinner treat. You can even find flavors that have a hint of bourbon mixed into the bunch to make it feel authentic.

6. Anything Iced

There are tons of cold, minty options on the market if you’re looking for an iced vape juice. Some of the most popular iced varieties include iced vanilla, peppermint ice, and wintergreen.

All of these flavors conjure up thoughts of relaxing by the fireplace on a cold winter day. Despite their name, they’ll warm you from the inside out.

7. Peppermint Bark

Along the same lines of an iced peppermint flavor, peppermint bark adds a little something extra. Like the candy, peppermint bark vape liquid is lighter on the peppermint and heavier on the sweeter elements.

This flavor usually has strong chocolate and cream undertones. It’s great for someone looking for something sweet and not so spicy but with a little kick.

8. Pine

Stay with us here. If you like liquid that cool and refreshing, pine flavored vape juice might be just what you’re looking for. This type of juice usually has a sweet undertone.

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But the real beauty is in the smell it releases. Pine flavored juices give off the feel of sitting next to a live Christmas tree. Plus, they’re more low-key than some of the other super sweet vape liquids out there.

9. Orange Spice

Although orange might not stick in your head as a holiday smell, it definitely is! Many holiday desserts and drinks have orange undertones in them.

There are plenty of spicy orange concoctions out there that smell like citrus and taste like nutmeg and cinnamon. Or you can go with a sweeter variety that tastes almost like a chocolate orange.

10. Apple Pie

There’s nothing better than the smell of a buttery apple pie, warm out of the oven. And the vape scent is just as exciting. Another variation of the apple family is apple cider.

Cider is spicier and often has undertones of orange and cinnamon. Apple pie is sweet with a creamy, buttery texture. And you’ll get a hint of the caramelized apple that always accompanies an apple pie.

You can also find fruitier apple versions that give a cool, fresh sensation. Apple crisp is one of the most common fall flavors. It gives you a sense of calm and refreshment.

‘Tis the Season for Fabulous Vape Flavors

If you’re ready to get into the winter spirit, do so by overhauling your vape flavors. Try new flavors and get excited about the upcoming holiday season.

From minty to spicy, to sweet and fresh, there are tons of flavors on the market to choose from. The key is to try out a few and pick what you absolutely love.

Live outside the box with these winter vape flavors!

If you’re in the market for new gear or new flavors, check out our e-cig reviews for our take on the best equipment out there.