6 Ways How to Use Vaping to Quit Smoking

vaping to quit smoking

You’ve heard it all before: smoking will kill you, it makes you smell, it turns your teeth yellow. You know you should quit–maybe you’ve tried once or twice–but you can’t seem to kick the habit.

Maybe you’ve tried patches. Maybe your mouth’s sore from chewing gum. Neither of them worked, and you feel like you’re out of options.

Now’s the time to consider vaping to quit smoking.

E-cigs are the best smoking cessation aid out there, mirroring the habit of smoking without the toxins. In fact, studies show would-be quitters are 60% more likely to succeed with vaping.

Interested? Well, we’re going to show you how to do it.

Have a Support System

No building can stand without support. Neither can people. Both would collapse in on themselves.

When you decide to quit smoking, tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your co-workers. They’ll be there when it gets difficult, and it will get difficult.

After you’ve assembled your Avengers, set a date to start. Choose a day of significance: your mom’s birthday, your anniversary, your birthday. It’ll keep you motivated.

The idea here is to surround yourself with positivity. You can’t Han Solo your way out of smoking; it’s too powerful a force.

The more people you have in your corner, the easier it will be not to quit quitting.

Choose the Right Nicotine Level

The beauty of vaping lies in its choices. Some vapers choose to go nicotine free, while others need a little bit of nicotine to get the perfect hit.

See, nicotine isn’t what makes cigarettes deadly (though it does make them addictive). The cancer in your cancer sticks comes from the carbon monoxide produced from the burning tobacco smoke.

Vaping cuts that stuff out. You get the nicotine hit without the adverse side effects.

The trick is to find the right brand with the right amount to start. Go too low, and you’ll muddle your experience. Go too high, and you’ll increase your dependency.

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It may make take some trial and error, but try to find a balance, something slightly less than the nicotine in your cigarette. When you feel comfortable, you can move to the next step.

Gradually Lower the Nicotine Levels

This is the hard part. Smoking is a two-tiered problem. It’s both a chemical addiction (the nicotine) and a habitual action (putting the thing in your mouth).

Vaping allows you to address each tier one at a time. While you maintain the habit, you can reduce the chemicals.

It takes time though and requires patience. Most successful quitters find that the faster you try to quit, the easier it is to fail.

Get used to your current level of nicotine, then decrease the level. Go at your own speed when you do. If it takes two months, fine. One month? Even better.

Keep decreasing the levels until your nicotine becomes zero.

Always Be Prepared

On your journey to being a non-smoker, temptation will dog your every step. Make sure you have enough juice on hand and plenty of batteries.

Getting caught without either could put you back on the road to relapse, undoing your progress.

Many of the top starter kits come with an extra battery. Some even have juice refills. Even if you don’t get one that does, spending a little extra on juice refills will keep your stock up.

The other thing to remember is the KISS method: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Don’t waste your time with fancy devices or exotic flavors.

Get to know your device. That way, your body will adapt to it, making the transition easier.

Keep the Right Attitude

As every writer knows, the middle is the hardest part of the story. It’s also the most crucial.

Quitting smoking is no different. Weaning yourself off nicotine takes time. How long depends on how long you smoked.

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You may find yourself stuck between vaping and smoking. You may relapse entirely. Whatever the case, don’t fear failure. Don’t let it discourage you, either.

If you fail, look at where you went wrong and correct your mistake. Set achievable goals every week and reward yourself when you meet them.

Lean on your support system. Expand it if you need to. There’s an online community of thousands of vapers, many of them ex-smokers, willing to help you quit.

Wean Yourself off the Vape

It will be tough, but eventually, you will get yourself down to zero nicotine. When that time comes, it’s time to wean yourself off the vaper.

Getting off the vaper gets you out of the habit of smoking. Put your vape in a place where you can’t access it. Most use the trunk of their car. Some stick it in a drawer at work.

Over time you may find yourself forgetting it in places. Don’t worry; it’s a good thing. It shows your mind thinking less and less about it.

Like weaning yourself off nicotine, take it slow. Vape only at certain times of the day. Then, go a whole day without it. Then, try a week.

You can even substitute your vaper for something else. CBD oils have also shown success helping smokers quit; you can read more here about that option.

Learn More About Vaping to Quit Smoking

Kicking the habit’s a process. Even if you follow these tips, you might stumble and have to start over. What matters is that you start in the first place.

If you’re ready to try it out or you want more insight on vaping to quit smoking, check out our blog. We’ve got everything from products to product reviews and more.

Log on today and take the first step toward a healthier you.

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