Top 10 Best Vape Flavors for 2019

best vape flavors

As vaping continues to rise in popularity, the options for vape enthusiasts are ever-expanding. From mods to flavors, it’s the best time ever to jump into the vaping world.

While vaping started as a simple alternative to smoking, it’s now taken on a life and culture of its own. In 2019, there are so many flavors it can make your head spin.

With that in mind, here’s a guide to the 10 best vape flavors in 2019, in no particular order.

1. Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood

This is Cuttwood’s most popular flavor for good reason. Cuttwood is an LA-based brand that pushes the boundaries with its hand-crafted flavors, and Unicorn Milk is no exception.

Unicorn Milk combines four different types of cream with a hint of natural strawberry. While it could seem like overkill on paper, the flavors complement each other to make a perfectly smooth blend any vaper will love.

Available in a range of nicotine concentrations from 0 to 18 ml, Unicorn Milk is a great option for the beginner and the veteran alike.

2. Shurb by Jimmy the Juice Man

Based out of Chicago, Jimmy got his start via his love for vaping and distaste for the high prices. The demand for his juices grew quickly, and he’s no partnered with Giant Vapes to keep production moving along.

Shurb is Jimmy’s most popular flavor. Combining raspberry, lime, orange, and sweetness to spare, Shurb is named after the rainbow sherbet it aims to replicate.

It’s sweet but not too sweet, and fans note that it’s flavorful without being overwhelming. For a full, flavorful experience, Shurb is a top-tier choice.

3. Mother’s Milk by Suicide Bunny

Mother’s Milk is aptly named. With it’s smooth, custard-like flavor and a hint of strawberry, there’s a lot to love here. 

Suicide Bunny is a Texas operation that prides itself on its grassroots origin and American made products. Mother’s Milk is their most popular flavor at the moment, which makes perfect sense due to its subtle, delicious qualities.

Although Mother’s Milk clocks in at around 73 cents per ml, it’s worth the premium. In the vape game, you get what you pay for.

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4. Blue Voodoo by Mister-E-Liquid

First premiering at Vape Bash 2013, Blue Voodoo has been a favorite among vape enthusiasts for going on six years now. Praised for its tangy, blueberry base, it’s lasted for a reason.

Blue Voodoo also lives up to the mysterious namesake of its creator. True to form this e-liquid’s blueberry flavor is bolstered by subtle undertones that vapers have trouble identifying.

Mister-E-Liquid is based out of Michigan. Like many others on this list, it started as a small, one-person labor of love, but they now have three physical locations and worldwide distribution. 

If you’re in the mood for something a little off the beaten path but still time-tested, Blue Voodoo is a great choice. 

5. Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100

This delicious juice didn’t get its name for no reason. Hawaiian Pog is the piƱa colada of e-liquids.

Hawaiian Pog combines pineapple, orange, and guava to great effect. With its classy blend of tropical flavors, it’s a perfect addition to any poolside retreat or beach bonfire.

As you can imagine, the citrusy undertones create a perfect balance between tart and sweet. This is a flavor you’re sure to keep coming back to.

6. Smurf Cake by Vape Wild

Is Smurf a proprietary name? Regardless, as one might gather from its namesake, Smurf Cake offers up an enticing blueberry experience. The cake aspect comes into play with the liquid’s cheesecake flavors.

Smurf Cake does a great job of combining cheesecake creaminess and notes of blueberry for an all-around enjoyable experience.

Vape Wild also boasts famously affordable prices without sacrificing quality. This flavor’s mix of affordability and quality puts it among many vapers top choices for all-day-vapes. 

7. M.B.Y.C. by Sicboy

This Denver based startup is only a year old. With its express mission of creating all-day-vapes with top-shelf ingredients, they’ve understandably seen significant success in their short existence.

Like the previously mentioned Mother’s Milk, M.B.Y.C. is a custard-like flavor. But unlike Mother’s Milk, this juice offers up a more traditional approach.

Where Mother’s Milk offers hints of strawberry, this leans into its custard identity and gives you a mouthful of praline, and vanilla ice cream flavor. If you’re looking for desert minus the calories, this is a pretty good start.

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8. No. 32 by Beard Vape Co.

This selection is perfect for the classy vaper. Beard Vape Co. has always tried to stand apart from the crowd with it’s numerically named vape flavors and refined presentation.

The flavor in question is an incredibly well-executed cinnamon funnel cake. Enthusiasts agree that it replicates its real-world counterpart with surprising accuracy.

If you like dessert flavors, this is one of the best options on the list. Loving cinnamon is a prerequisite, but who doesn’t love cinnamon?

9. I Love Cookies Too by Mad Hatter

This e-liquid’s chuckle-worthy name comes from the fact that it’s a direct successor to Mad Hatter’s original I Love Cookies flavor. The California based mixer has taken their original formula and created an even more compelling flavor profile.

Where this most succeeds is with the addition of a subtle strawberry element. Combining the original cookie flavor, milk, caramel, and a hint of fruit, I Love Cookies Too is at once complex and universally pleasing.

For anyone with a sweet tooth, this makes an ideal all-day-vape.

10. Boosted by Boosted E-Juice

When a flavor boasts the maker’s namesake, it better be good. Boosted is definitely that.

Boosted’s founder sought to flip his culinary experience into delicious e-juices, and this flavor is the culmination of that mission.

Boosted aims to replicate the taste of a classic 50s diner strawberry milkshake, and it hits the bullseye. You’ll be hard pressed to find any vaper who doesn’t like this, and many would gladly count it among their favorite all day vapes.

The Best Vape Flavors for Any Taste

With such a broad range of preferences and options, it’s hard to classify only ten liquids as the “best vape flavors,” but this is a great sampling of some of the top-ranked options out there.

If you’re satisfied with your knowledge of flavors, there’s a lot more to learn about vapes. Read on if you’re interested in the potential health benefits of vaping.