V2.com kits e-liquid reviews coupon 10 20 off free shipping code

v2.com is a popular online electronic smokeless cigarette and e-liquid shop. It offers Classic Kits (standard, standard plus, standard e-liquid, power-cig, ultimate); Ex series kits (standard, standard plus, ultimate), V2 Vape Pen Vaporizer kits (Series 3, Series 7), batteries (67 mm, 79 mm, 110 mm, EX-series), cartridges (10-flavor sampler, 5-pack, 20-pack, 40-pack, 80-pack), blank cartridges (5,20,40,80-Pack), adapters, aluminum drip tips, rubber drip tips, portable charging case, metal carry case, power-cig, soft case, lanyard. Is V2 good or bad, safe electronic cigartte? Read V2 e-cig user customer reviews about battery life, vapor production, flavors, taste and get latest online discount coupon and special best lowest price offers.

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The V2 electronic cigarette standart kit includes: 2 batteries (long, short, standard; auto or manual), 2 5-pack cartridges, charger kit.

V2cigs V2 Pro Series 7 video review

V2 Cigs e-juice flavors: V2 Red, Platinum, Zig-Zag, Tobacco, Menthol, Peppermint, Sahara, Congress, Coffee, Grape, Vanilla, Cherry, Cola and Chocolate, Mint Tea, Congress (American tobacco).

– Worldwide shipping

– 30 day moneyback guarantee

– Lifetime warranty

Vapor Couture offers stylish e-cgarette in deep purple, platinum, rose gold, white signature.

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4 thoughts on “V2.com kits e-liquid reviews coupon 10 20 off free shipping code

  1. the3orpdeenyse

    What I purchased: V2 standard starter kit-$79.95 current

    Contents of kit: 1 automatic battery (no button, active upon drag)
    1 manual battery (button, active upon press)
    1 charger kit (usb charger and wall adapter)
    10 atomized cartridges (cartomizers)
    User’s manual
    5 of V2’s smoke for free discount cards
    1 15% off coupon

    Review of contents, in respective order..

    Batteries and charger-9/10

    NOTE: I went with the long option for both batts(140mm)
    Thanks to there being no choice in the matter of receiving 1 auto and 1 manual battery, I have concluded that I actually prefer the manual. As many say and one would assume, more control is granted to the user, resulting in the POSSIBILITY of the manual outlasting the auto, dependent on user “technique”. The main advantage over the auto is the response time and the result (throat hit and vapor production). I don’t think it affects the amount of flavor, but that could just be because the four V2 flavors I’ve had are quite potent anyways. (Good thing, imo)
    Still, the auto battery is no slouch. Differences are minimal. They both have some weight to them which to me means they’re sturdy and don’t feel cheap. The stainless (blue LED) and blue (white LED) colors look sharp, and have a nice matte shine to them. V2 logo looks nice as well.
    When working, I vape very often. Not to the extent that I would be considered a “chain vaper”, but not just occasional either. The manual has lasted me an entire work day (10hrs) and still not died that night at home. When at home, I vape every 45min+/-, at 10min+/- sessions. (This may just be because my batteries are new. I will provide an update regarding batt stamina.) Still, I am very pleased with the longs.

    Battery color options: white, black, stainless, blue, pink (limited).
    Battery sizes: 110mm (shorty), 120mm (standard), 140mm (long)
    Charge time(longs): around 4hrs, manual seems to take a bit longer, like 30min more. Drag cut-off time is 10 seconds.
    As mentioned before, this review as of now is based off of two weeks with V2. The charger has shown no hints to being cheap. Feels solid, looks cool. Light is red w/blue strobe (6sec intervals) when charging, and blue when full.

    The cartomizers-8/10

    NOTE: For my starter kit choice of two 5-packs, I went with V2 Red and Menthol, both 1.8% nic (Full). I ordered in advance a week later for a 5- pack of Sahara and Vanilla, 1.8% as well.
    The four of these flavors, and perhaps all others, are PG dominant. Therefore they have a very similar TH to analogs (tobacco cigs), yet the vapor production is still plentiful (VG base is known for its typically great, sometimes ridiculous, vapor production). These are very important factors, especially when trying to wing yourself or someone else of reluctant nature off of analog, and it is undeniably satisfying to let out a massive storm of vapor. The site provides a full ingredient list for all flavors, which is nice for the concerned and curious.
    The cartos do in fact average out to the equivalent of one pack of analogs. This statement is based off of how many cartos I went through over a period of 7 days, which was around 7 or 7½.
    On a negative note, I just had one of the Saharas burn out on me, which I was pretty sure was only about halfway finished. I have heard that this can be a regular occurrence, especially out of 20, but figured it was to be noted anyhow. At $2.70 a pack (factored assuming two 5-packs with 15% discount plus $5.00 shipping), I’m not too devastated.

    My flavor impressions/opinions:

    Menthol-4.5/5: Definitely my favorite of the five other menthols I have tried. I suppose it has a sort of toothpaste-like flavor, but hits and feels like a Newport. I was primarily a menthol smoker, and I think other menthol smokers would be quite pleased.

    V2 Red-5/5: They compare it to a Marlboro Red-not so. The first time I tried it, I didn’t like it. Eventually however, this became one of my favorites. The only way I can describe the flavor is that it has a very slight chocolate-like after taste, but also has a sort of tobacco hint to it. Overall a sweet and syrup-ish (not overkill) flavor. I recommend to anyone.

    Sahara-4/5: They compare it to a Camel-not so. This flavor is good, but not phenomenal. I will have no difficulties whatsoever in finishing them off, but may not buy them again. It may grow on me more, though. This flavor is similar to Red in that it has that syrup-like hint, but differs in its slightly perfume-ish (not bitter), dominate taste. I could see this flavor being a favorite for others. Many of my friends became interested in V2 because of this one.

    Vanilla-4.5/5: Definitely vanilla. Also has a slight banana to it. This flavor is very easy on the taste buds. Hmmm….think how you’ve always wanted banana boat lotion to taste like it smells, and voila. The only reason this flavor doesn’t get a 5 is because I personally cannot vape it non-stop like the others, instead treating this one more like dessert.

    User’s Manual-

    I would feel ridiculous if I actually rated a user’s manual, haha. It makes for a good toilet read, I suppose.


    I have read about folks having some difficulties with V2 when it came to shipping, but didn’t know what to think because it is so hard to know whether or not you are reading a real review. Some competitors will create fake profiles and such, then bash other brands.
    My starter kit shipped as the site said it would and arrived exactly 5 days later, as also said. When it came time for me to order some more cartos in advance, I originally planned to order Congress and Sahara. The site has little colored squares located next to the item you are looking at, indicating availability thus shipping delay by color:

    Green-“product will ship by next business day if ordered before 6PM EST.”

    Orange-“this product will ship within 5 business days.”

    A nifty little square, indeed. I decided to go with Vanilla instead of Congress (highly praised) because Congress had the orange status and I didn’t want to wait that long. I ordered them around 7pm on a Monday, so they didn’t ship that day (as said), but did ship Tuesday, and arrived Saturday. The reason shipping doesn’t get a 10 is due to the fact that the orange square exists. Maybe that isn’t a valid reason, as this also could be seen as a good sign, being that V2 is doing well enough to have trouble keeping up with demand. Regardless, if I want Congress then by God…anyhow.

    Well, this concludes my initial review. I hope at least a few of you were able to read all the way through, and gain a better idea of what to expect from this brand. Thanks for your time.

  2. Troy

    This is the first good regular cigarette looking ecig I used and one of my first vapes a year ago. These are high quality for both the battery (the long ones are best, last longer) and their cartomizers. If you want something that looks like a cigarette and is bare bones as far as options and is simple to use, then I would highly recommend these guys. They warranty there stuff with what must be one of the best warranties in the business. I believe its lifetime with some limitation. On one occasion one of their chargers went bad. I didnt know it at the time but it ruined a couple of my batteries. They sent new ones out no questions asked and an envelope to return the bad ones. Class act and good quality for what they are. The ecig juice is okay.

  3. lostgypsy

    V2cigs was also my very first order. But since I wanted just to try and see if I am going to like vaping, I’ve ordered the cheapest possible kit with just one battery, one cartomizer, and one charger, for $24.95. I also get samples of cartridges, to find out what flavor I might like the most. Have nothing bad to say about V2cigs… Well, may be except that their cartomizers which named on their site as cartridges, are not equal to one pack of analogs, as they claim. But at least V2cigs have decent flavors, which I liked a lot as well. My favorites are “Sahara”, “Chocolate” and “Coffee”. Tried some other flavors from other brands and V2cigs are just better. A bit too expensive, but at least I know what I am getting.

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