The Five Best Ecig Devices to Help You Quit Smoking Today

Most smokers who want to kick the habit realize that quitting is not an easy task.

It’s not just about replacing the nicotine in their bodies with nicotine patches or gum. They also miss the feeling of holding a cigarette in their hands, inhaling that sweet, sweet smoke, and all the other rituals behind smoking.

Electronic cigarettes help smokers experience the same rituals while gradually decreasing their nicotine intake. These devices allow people who smoke to be relaxed, calm and view quitting with more positivity. And they are quite effective in helping people quit, as seen in a recent study.

Below are 5 of the best Ecig that can help smokers transition away from regular cigarettes/cigars.

1. The Best Ecig, Juul Starter Kit

The JUUL Starter Kit is the best Ecig for smokers who just started switching from real cigarettes to Ecig. It uses nicotine salts which means that it has almost double the amount of nicotine compared to other Ecig, giving smokers a satisfying throat hit. Smokers will always want to start with a high nicotine vape and gradually lessen it to ease the transition from actual smoking.

The design of the JUUL is simple but elegant which is why the JUUL is sometimes referred to as the iPod of Ecig. For its compactness, it delivers 200 puffs per cartridge, equivalent to one pack of cigarettes.

2. Halo G6

The G6 is the flagship Ecig from Halo, who is known for their e-liquids. This is the best Ecig for ex-smokers who prefer a variety of options and customization. The nine different US made flavors are in strengths of 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, and 6mg to help the smoker wean off the nicotine.

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It has a similar shape and size to a tobacco cigarette that evokes familiarity. The starter kit also comes with two batteries.

3) V2 Standard Kit

V2 is the most popular brand and has sold the most Ecig in the world. Their standard kit is the front-runner and it has been improved since it’s initial release. It can produce a thick cloud of vapor delivering a realistic throat hit.

There are five different nicotine levels starting from 24 mg to zero (placebo).

As expected from a company that is one of the pioneers in the Ecig industry, the quality of the product is guaranteed. They offer a lifetime warranty for their customers.

4) ePuffer Magnum Snaps

The ePuffer Magnum Snaps is a compact Ecig that uses a patented magnetic activation and screwless design technology for changing cartridges. It is simple to use and portable, making it a good choice for beginners.

This Ecig looks and produces vapors similar to a traditional cigarette. As with most cig-a-like, the battery life is short, but this is offset by including two batteries and portable USB and car chargers in the kit.

5) Vapor4lyfe King for Cigar Enthusiasts

The Vapor4lyfe King is the best tasting e-cigar with flavors (Ligero, Maduro, and Cubana) that are close representations of the original. It has a powerhouse battery that can go for nine to twelve hours.

The King has a sleek black modern design with dimensions that will fit your favorite humidor (see: Cigar Humidor Guy).

Did we miss your favorite Ecig kit on this list?

Leave a comment below of your recommendations. Also, check out the best Ecig kits for your budget.

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