5 Amazing Essential Oils to Quit Smoking

Nicotine withdrawal leaves most smokers feeling irritable, physically ill, and unable to sleep. That’s why so many succumb to their cigarette habit when they try to quit.

Yet, an impressive number of former smokers have overcome their habits with e-cigarettes.

Essential oils have also made this possible. When inhaled through e-cigarettes, some essential oils curb nicotine cravings altogether.

But which ones are most effective in helping former smokers through nicotine withdrawal?

Here are 5 essential oils to quit smoking – for good!

1. Chamomile

People who have trouble relaxing or falling asleep often benefit from a cup of chamomile tea.

Like all other chamomile products, chamomile oil also promotes relaxation. But these aren’t its only benefits.

When used in aromatherapy, chamomile quells the effects of depression and anxiety. Its effects are especially helpful to someone who is struggling with withdrawal-related depression.

2. Hemp

Hemp oil is derived from the hemp plant, and its soggy and woody scent is nearly unmistakable.

By boosting serotonin levels, hemp oil relieves anxiety and depression. Yet, there are other ways hemp oil acts as a natural anti-depressant.

Hemp oil balances hormone levels and strengthens the immune system. So, people who are unwell during nicotine withdrawal can use healthy hemp oil to feel better.

3. Black Pepper

Cigarette users often wonder if using vape pens feel in any way similar to smoking tobacco. Inhaling vapor is similar and healthier. But some feel that it’s not effective enough to help them overcome their habit altogether.

Luckily, there are essential oils that taste similar to cigarettes – without the nicotine and carcinogens.

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Black pepper oil possesses a bitter scent that many former smokers appreciate. When inhaled, black pepper oil feels warm and smooth on the throat and nostrils. This sensation mimics the way cigarette smoke feels, so it makes for a great substitute.

Additionally, black pepper has been shown to quell nicotine cravings. In one study, people who smelled black pepper oil when they felt like chewing tobacco or having a cigarette lost the craving.

4. Angelica Root

Like black pepper oil, angelica root oil curbs nicotine cravings. It’s also been shown to help people prolong their next cigarette.

Angelica root smells sweet and spicy in a way that’s not overwhelming. Like black pepper oil, it feels and tastes similar to smoking cigarettes when inhaled.

People who are trying to quit cigarettes often lose their appetite and feel nervous. Angelica root alleviates nervousness, insomnia, as well as appetite loss.

5. Lavender

Lavender is one of the world’s most pleasant scents, and it’s widely used to promote relaxation.

Lavender oil is especially helpful to those experiencing insomnia during nicotine withdrawal. It can also alleviate nervousness, agitation, and even pain.

In general, lavender oil is the go-to essential oil for withdrawal-related insomnia. But it’s great for everyday use. It not only smells good, but it produces a calming effect almost immediately.

Choose & Experience Essential Oils to Quit Smoking

With the right tools, it is possible to kick cigarettes and other tobacco products to the curb.

Staying informed can also help. After all, nobody should have to go through the challenge of quitting alone.

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