8 of The Best Vape Starter Kits

best vape starter kits

Rejoice, fellow and would-be vapers! The American Cancer Society has acknowledged that electronic cigarettes are much safer than tobacco cigarettes.

Even the folks in Atlanta (yep, we’re talking about the CDC) say that switching to e-cigarettes from tobacco cigarettes can have potential benefits.

You should start considering joining the throng of vape-only smokers. Especially if you’re trying to be on your health’s better side.

Now the big question is, which are the best vape starter kits that can give you the proper introduction to vaping? Read on to find out!

1. JUUL Starter Kit

The JUUL e-cig kit boasts of great-tasting and powerful flavors, intuitive design, and portability. Thanks to these features, it has remained a leading contender when it comes to the best electronic cigarette starter kit. After all, it wouldn’t have made a whopping $224 million in sales if it didn’t.

Whether you want to quit smoking ASAP or you only want the best bang for your buck, then the JUUL is one of your better starter kit choices.

Here’s what comes with every kit:

  • The JUUL e-cigarette
  • (1) USB charger
  • Four sample pods, including Cool Mint, Creme Brulee, Fruit Medley, and Virginia Tobacco, although they have other flavors available.

We have a more in-depth JUUL review, so make sure you check it out too to learn why JUUL is one of the best e-cigs in the market.

2. Innokin Cool Fire IV i-Sub G Starter Kit

What do you get when you mix high-quality aluminum and a 4.5ml stainless steel tank?

The Innokin Cool Fire IV i-Sub G e-cigarette, that’s what!

Offering superb performance from a compact yet powerful mod, the Cool Fire IV is another top-notcher for electronic cigarette starter packs. It runs on a max of 40-watts while supporting a variety of resistances. Despite all its innovative technology though, it still manages to keep its user-friendliness.

Here’s what you get with this starter kit:

  • The Innokin Cool Fire IV Box Mod
  • (1) Innokin iSub-G Tank
  • (1) 0.5-ohm coil head pre-installed in the tank
  • (1) USB Charging Cable
  • (1) eGo Adapter

You should also check out this comprehensive review of the Innokin Pocketmod eCig for more details.

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3. Halo G6 Starter Kit

Those looking for the best starter vape want user-friendliness in their devices. At the same time, they also crave a solid lung-filler and throat-hitter. That combo is exactly what the Halo G6 starter kits have to offer.

That’s not all though. The e-cig itself comes in a beautiful package, with you having a choice amongst nine different battery colors! You can also choose between the 65mm or the 75mm battery size.

Expect the following to come included in the kit:

  • (2) 180mAh or 280mAh batteries
  • (1) Halo case
  • (1) Wall adapter
  • (1) USB charger
  • (5) Cartomizers of any US-made flavors

The kit also comes with empty carts, which is perfect for getting your e-juice refills.

4. Halo Triton Starter Kit

Going off tobacco with another family member or friend? Then the Halo Triton may be the perfect starter kit for both of you. After all, it comes with all your beginner vaper needs, but in doubles!

You read that right. With the Triton kit, you get not only two batteries, but two tanks too. Even if you buy this for yourself alone, it’s still a great option if you’re not always around electricity.

Here’s a rundown of the kit’s inclusions apart from the power sources and tanks:

  • (3) Triton II coil heads
  • (2) Standard mouthpieces
  • (1) Wide bore mouthpiece
  • (1) Wall charger
  • (1) USB charger

The e-cig comes in eight colors, so you’ll most likely find one that you fancy.

5. Blu eCig Plus+ Starter Kit

The eCig brand Blu started out in 2008, and since then, it has gained 15.7% share of the market. That makes it the second-best-selling brand of vaping devices and supplies!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise though. That’s because its starter kits (you have another one to choose from) come with a user-friendly device, exceptional flavors, fuller vapors, and longer-lasting battery life.

The reinvented Blu e-cig boasts of an improved BLU Tank cartridge refill (you’ll get three with this kit). The tanks then attach to an also-enhanced lithium-ion battery.

In case you’re wondering, it’s the same battery component you’ll find in laptops and mobile phones. That should tell you that its battery is powerful and efficient.

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6. Blu eCig Xpress Starter Kit

The BLU Starter Kit is a downsized version of the Plus+ version. It comes with the same technology, except that it only has one refill and doesn’t have the charging pack included.

7. V2 Classic Standard Starter Kit

Another contender for the best electronic vaporizer kit, the V2 Classic Standard kit, offers a lot for its affordable price. You get the popular vape pen as well as a 25ml platinum e-juice refill in any flavor of your choice. Plus, you can choose whichever nicotine strength you want.

This is what you’ll find when you open the starter kit:

  • The V2 vape pen
  • (1) Classic standard battery
  • (1) E-liquid EX blank tank
  • (1) Smart charger

It also comes in five fun colors, from the sophisticated stainless-steel finish to the more popular-amongst-women pink. Customization of the kit is also not a problem since you can opt for either the medium length battery or the longer-length one.

8. ePuffer Magnum Snaps Starter Kit

For those looking for a reliable mini e-cig, the ePuffer Magnum Snaps starter kit offers you great value for your money. Not only does the device boast of sophistication, it also features a magnetic snap you won’t find in any other vaping tool! The magnet makes attaching the cartomizer/cartridge to the power source a snap (sorry).

The kit comes with a portable charging case that lets you click the battery into place to fill it back up.

Don’t let its small size fool you though; it delivers a powerful throat hit further enhanced by great-tasting flavors.

The Best Vape Starter Kits for the Best Vaping Experience

There are hundreds of e-cigarettes available, but, not all of them even come close to comparing with these eight best vape starter kits. You want not only the best bang for your buck, but also the best introduction to vaping, so make sure you stick to the top-rated ones.

If you need more advice on how to enjoy an exceptional vaping experience, check out our blog posts!