5 Ridiculously Simple Tips on How to Tell If Weed Is Good

marijuana plant

For those of you who love weed, there’s nothing better than getting the good stuff. After all, quality weed makes the world go round.

But nothing cramps your style more than discovering you got some nasty bud down at the local dispensary. That sinking feeling in your stomach tells you that you’ve just dropped some hard-earned Benjamins on some trashy weed.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to learn how to tell if weed is good. This article will help you identify the difference between hi grade weed and the cheap stuff. Keep reading to pick up some skills for making sure that you don’t come home disappointed next time.

1. The Color

The primary thing to keep in mind with good weed is that it should be green. Brown marijuana is a no go, bro. The shade of green can vary from lighter to darker, with undertones ranging from purple to golden, but a healthy plant will produce a healthy-looking bud.

The majority of unhealthy plants produce bud that is more tan or yellow in color. Sometimes you’ll notice buds that appear bleached white. This is caused by light burn, the result of overexposure to extremely high-intensity light. 

2. The Smell

The next consideration is the smell. Quality bud has a pungent, distinctively skunky aroma. This is a sign of high terpene content and evidence of a skilled grower.

Good sativa bud has an aroma that resembles citrus, while indica is more reminiscent of coffee or chocolate.

Bad weed, on the other hand, typically lacks any smell at all, or it can have an aroma closer to that of hay or alfalfa. This is evidence of poorly cured cannabis and a grower who needs to up his game.

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The more you learn to compare the good to the bad, the more your overall experience will improve.

3. The Bud Structure

When it comes to the structure of high-quality bud, sativa buds should be light and fluffy, while indica is more tight and dense.

Interestingly enough, low-quality indica buds can look sativa-like, with incomplete, open buds and visible stems.

Keep in mind that sativa buds are typically covered in more pistils than indica buds, and the pistils should be evenly dispersed rather than clustered.

4. The Trichomes

Let’s talk trichomes. These are the visible crystals on the surface of the buds. This is where the cannabinoids and terpenes are stored. Quality buds should be covered in trichomes that sparkle like crystals. 

Bad weed won’t have adequate trichome coverage, which is usually evidence of buds that have been harvested prematurely. 

5. The Feel

Bad weed generally feels like it’s been left out drying in the sun too long. High-quality buds won’t crumble in your hands. A good rule of thumb before buying weed is to ask how long it’s been stored and where.

Learning How to Tell if Weed is Good

Always keep in mind that not all cannabis is created equal. The more you know about how to tell if weed is good, the better your experience will be. 

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