The Smoldering Details: How to Start Vaping Away Your Cigarette Habit

how to start vaping

If you’re looking to kick your smoking habit once and for all, vaping may be the perfect solution. Aside from being cool and stylish, research has found that vaping is far safer for you than smoking and can replace the habit entirely.

While there are plenty of great juices on the market to choose from, filling your tank with your favorite fruity tropical flavor may not be your best bet.

Instead, it may be more beneficial to turn to cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Read on to learn how to start vaping CBD oil and find out why it’s healthier than most e-juices.

Vaping to Quit Smoking: Why CBD Oil?

It’s a fair question: Why would CBD oil offer anything better than what a smoker would get in nicotine. But make no mistake, the benefits are plentiful — especially for those who are vaping to quit smoking. For instance, evidence suggests that those who vape CBD oil consumed fewer cigarettes.

Aside from that, CBD oil has tons of health benefits. It’s known to help those with anxiety, as well as sufferers of chronic pain. You’ll also sleep better, to boot!

And before we go any further, no, CBD oil won’t get you high. Though it is extracted from a marijuana plant, CBD oils often contain no Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) at all, which is the chemical responsible for making you feel high.

Don’t Stop Smoking Cold Turkey

As you start your journey of eliminating cigarettes from your life, a cold turkey approach may seem tempting. On the contrary, however, many experts believe it’s an ineffective approach.

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In fact, out of 100 people who tried to quit smoking, only three to five people successfully stopped smoking after six months.

So why is it so tough to quit smoking?

Your body has become dependent on nicotine and similar chemicals found in cigarettes. Depriving your system of these chemicals can make you feel sick and irritated, and send your system into withdrawal.

Instead, work on weaning yourself off of cigarettes while also vaping. Over time, your goal is to replace cigarettes on the whole.

Find The Perfect Starter Rig

Finding the perfect rig for your new vaping habit can take some time.

Thankfully, vape manufacturers understand that people are looking to get away from smoking. As a result, there are some solid starter kits on the market.

The JUUL starter kit is our personal favorite, but do some research to find a rig that fits your needs. You’ll want to balance price, as well as accessories. Most starter kits will include an ohm coil, for instance, or interchangeable parts.

Choosing The Right CBD Oil

With your awesome new vape kit ready to go, you’ll need some CBD oil to enjoy along with it.

Now, it is worth noting that CBD oil isn’t legal in many areas. Obtaining it can be quite difficult as a result.

Be sure to consult your local laws, as a medical marijuana card can often grant you access to CBD oils. This website, for instance, has some great resources on how Canadian residents can obtain a medical marijuana card so you can enjoy legal marijuana as well as CBD oil.

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After you’ve obtained your medical card, it’s time to start shopping.

If this is your first time using a CBD-based product, start with a smaller concentration. You’ll still get all of the benefits, but the oil won’t feel as harsh.

How to Start Vaping: Send Your Smoking Habit Up In Smoke

Smoking is a dangerous habit, leading to cancers, heart disease, and oral problems. If you’re looking to kick the habit once and for all, learn how to start vaping CBD oil, instead.

It’s safer, more cost-effective, and you’ll get all sorts of great additional health benefits.

Not sure vaping CBD oils isn’t quite your style? No worries! Check out our CBD dabs 101 guide to learn more about other ways to enjoy CBD.