8 Natural Anxiety Remedies for People Who Want to Avoid the Pharmacy


Are you suffering from chronic anxiety?

Feeling like medication isn’t the best choice for you?

While many people resort to taking synthetic medications in order to solve their anxiety problems, it’s not always the best option. Sometimes these drugs can come with dangerous side effects and may even make matters worse than they were before.

Luckily, there are alternatives. Below we’ll give you our list of the best all natural anxiety remedies that you’ll want to try immediately.

1. Get Some Exercise

One of the best ways to improve anxiety problems is to start exercising more regularly. Exercise has been proven to be a great help in improving mood and reducing stress and anxiety. Regular exercise helps your body release endorphins, the feel-good chemicals, and will make both your body and mind feel better.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a total gym rat to get the effects either. Simply taking a short walk during your lunch break or going on a jog a few times a week can actually make a pretty big impact.

2. Quit Bad Habits

While there are many types of bad habits, two, in particular, may be the cause of a lot of your anxiety problems. Drinking alcohol and smoking can both increase your anxiety and make it harder for you to stay in a good state of mind. Trying your best to quit these habits is essential if you truly want to get better.

While alcohol may seem to calm you down to some extent, too much of it is always a bad thing. When you drink alcohol, you’re really just suppressing your anxiety rather than getting rid of it. Drinking alcohol also alter your brains neurotransmitters and change the levels of serotonin in your brain.

In addition to being bad for your general health and lungs, cigarettes can make anxiety problems worse as well. Smoking can increase blood pressure and raise your heart rate. Consider switching to vaping or smokeless cigarettes instead if you want to reduce your anxiety.

3. Replace Your Coffee With Tea

While coffee seems harmless enough, the truth is that having too much caffeine is a common cause of anxiety problems. Reducing the amount of caffeine you get each day can work wonders for reducing your anxiety, so you may want to limit your consumption or switch to decaf sometimes instead.

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Even better, however, would be making the switch to tea. Several kinds of tea have been shown to be anxiety reducers. Chamomile tea can be a great help in relaxing your body and mind.. Green tea can also help and has the added bonus of giving you energy as well, meaning it’s a great replacement for coffee.

4. Use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques

While there are several types of therapy that can help treat anxiety naturally, cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is one of the best of the bunch. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you to improve your thinking processes and can allow you to see everyday fears and anxieties in a new light. CBT can help change your mood simply by thinking differently.

If you have a lot of anxiety you may want to see a therapist who specializes in CBT. However, it’s also easy to learn some of these techniques on your own by getting a CBT workbook or reading about them online.

5. Get Better Sleep

One of the most common things that can cause or increase anxiety is a lack of good sleep. If not sleeping well or enough happens to be one of the factors leading to your anxiety, then simply improving your sleep habits can make a big impact.

Unfortunately, improving your sleep is easier said than done if you’re someone who is prone to insomnia or poor sleep habits. A few things that may help you improve your sleep is to avoid drinking caffeine, eating heavily, or smoking before bed. Cutting out the use of electronic devices and television for an hour or two before bed can make a difference as well.

6. Start Meditating

Meditation is one of the top remedies out there for reducing anxiety and is also incredibly simple to do. Meditation to calm your mind and allows you to get out of the habit of overthinking. 

All you need is a few minutes to yourself to start practicing meditation since you’ll simply be sitting quietly for a few minutes. However, meditation does take some effort since you’ll be trying to calm your mind, which as a person with anxiety, is not easy to do.

To meditates, you’ll simply need to sit quietly for a few minutes while paying attention to your breath and letting your thoughts come and go. You can click here to learn more about how you can get started meditating.

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7. Try Some Essential Oils

Essential oils are known as essential for a reason, they can help with just about any ailment the human body is prone to experiencing. One of these ailments is anxiety.

There are many ways you can use essential oils so you’ll want to search for anxiety online and see some of the solutions.

For example, applying certain essential oils to particular parts of the body such as behind your ears or on your neck can help promote calm and reduce stress. Additionally, using essential oils for aromatherapy can also work wonders and can go a long way in reducing your anxiety.

One of the best types of oils you can use to reduce anxiety is CBD oil. While CBD oil can be expensive, it’s often well worth it in the end. You can read this blog to find out more about CBD oil and why it may be well worth the price.

8. Unplug

Another great way to reduce anxiety is to simply start using your computer, your phone, your tablet, and your television a little bit less. Too much time on electronic devices can lead to increased anxiety and may be making you feel worse.

Staring at a screen for 15 hours a day isn’t really great for your health and watching all of the highlight reels of your friend’s and families’ lives on Facebook and social media can also lead to anxiety. It can make you feel like you’re not doing enough with your life and you’ll naturally compare yourself to others.

The constant division and political conversations on social media and in the news can, of course, also have a negative effect on your relaxation and wellbeing as well.

Making the Most of These Natural Anxiety Remedies

While anxiety may be hard to deal with it is possible to get it under control. Before you try any potentially damaging medications, make sure you consider using a few of these natural anxiety remedies instead to see if they can give you the relief you need.

Looking for more ways to improve your health and beat anxiety? Click here to learn about the 7 incredible benefits of CBD cream and to find out how it can help improve your life.