The Top 10 Ways to Smoke Weed

ways to smoke weed

Marijuana is a great tool for relaxation and a bit of fun. But smoking the same way every time can get stale.

If you’re looking for a new way to blaze up or get a better high, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on for the top 10 ways to smoke weed which will make you feel like a new smoker all over again.

1. Joints

The tried and tested joint is familiar to us all. Most of us remember our first hit of weed being from a joint, and it’s been a reliable method ever since.

It’s one of the cheapest ways to enjoy a smoke. Papers cost very little, and you don’t need to use a lot of weed in them.

You can pick up papers anywhere, from gas stations to head shops to grocery stores. You can buy natural papers which are free from dyes, and joints are easy to roll with a bit of practice.

The humble joint is an easy smoke which isn’t harsh on the lungs and leads to a great high.

2. Blunts

Blunts are in a similar realm to joints, but they’re better.

Blunts take longer to burn so you can enjoy a mellow smoking sesh without having to rush through it. Blunt smoking generally leads to a more relaxed high.

Flavored blunts add a tasty tang to each toke while still enjoying the familiar taste of bud.

Blunts are also easy to roll and you can fit a lot of weed in them. This makes them perfect for sharing with your smoking buddies.

3. Bong

Bongs are great because they add a whole new element to the way we smoke. This water-based contraption is like a hookah but with a more slender, compact design.

Start off by putting a small amount of water at the bottom of the tube. Next, pack the bowl with some weed, light it up and inhale through the top.

The water at the bottom cools down the smoke before you inhale it to prevent you from burning your throat. Not only does this lead to an easier smoke, but the high is something special!

4. Gravity Bong

If you’re looking for an intense high which lasts all night, a gravity bong is the thing for you!

If you don’t have a regular bong at home, a gravity bong is the next best thing. They’re easy to make, you only need a 2-liter bottle and a bowl of water.

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Cut the top half of the 2-liter bottle off and put it into the bowl of water. Carve a hole into the bottle cap and make a bowl with aluminum foil to pack the weed into.

Light the bowl and push the bottle down in the water as you take a hit from the bottle as it fills with smoke.

It’s a strong high and definitely one you should share with friends.

5. Vape

A lot of people use vapes to quit smoking cigarettes, but they’re also great for weed consumption too.

Vaporising gives off no smoke, so it’s easy on the lungs. They heat up the weed enough to release the THC, but not burn it.

Vaping allows you to enjoy all the THC without any of it burning away, so you can get a stronger high.

Vapes also come in a range of different tasty flavors, from blueberry to banana and more. They’re a much more discreet way of smoking weed as there’s no smoke to give you away!

6. Hot Knife

When you’re out of papers, and there’s no bong in sight, hot knifing is one of the most creative ways to smoke marijuana.

All you have to do is heat up two knives on the stove until they’re red hot. Pick your weed up with them, then take a bottle (cut the bottom off) and inhale as you press the knives together.

This method is best done when in a sober frame of mind. You don’t want to risk a nasty burn when trying to get high.

7. Edibles

While edibles aren’t a way to smoke weed, they are one of the most fun ways to consume it.

There are a lot of great ways to enjoy edibles, not only brownies.

You need to heat up your weed enough so that it decarboxylates.

Grind your weed on to a tray and heat it in the own for around an hour. Keep an eye on it any don’t let it get hot enough to release any vapors.

Then, put in in a saucepan with some oil and strain any remaining bud. Then you can use it to cook anything you like and get a strong high from it.

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PS. You may have to wait around 45 mins to an hour before you feel anything. That’s okay, don’t let that tempt you to eat even more or you run the risk of greening out!

8. Straight from the Nug

If you’re in a pinch with no papers, bongs or knives, going straight from the nug will have to do.

For this method, all you need is your nug of weed and a lighter. Dried buds won’t work and you need a decent sized nug you can smoke whole.

Grab a cone-shaped nug by its stem and light the tip of it. Once the nug stays lit you can start smoking it with the stem!

It’s an unorthodox method and could be a waste of weed, but if you’re in a pinch it’s ideal.

9. Apple

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but they don’t tell you that apples are great for smoking weed with!

If you’re wondering what to smoke weed with, look no further than your fruit bowl. Apple pipes are easy to make and takes only a few minutes.

Grab an apple and carve a bowl in the top of it. Use a knife or pencil to create chambers for the top, the side and for your mouth.

Dry out the bowl and sprinkle some weed in. Light it and inhale and you’re good to go!

Also, the weed will taste a little like an apple and it’s delicious!

10. Glass Pipes

Glass pipes are a stoner’s best friend.

They are easy to use, cheap to buy and they lead to a great smoke every time.

You can buy glass pipes in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, and some glow in the dark too!

Pipes are easy to carry and clean, and some smokers swear that they’re the best way to smoke weed.

Top 10 Ways to Smoke Weed

Now that you have the top 10 ways to smoke weed, you’re all set!

If vapes are the thing for you, check out our FAQ to learn more about smoking with them.

You’re now ready to go forth and experience weed in a whole new way!