Apolloecigs.com Vtube e-liquid reviews coupon 25 30 off code free shipping

Apolloecigs.com is a popular online electronic smokeless cigarette and e-liquid store. Are Apollo e-cigs good, safe? Read customer reviews about Apollo e-cig battery life, vapor production, safety, delivery time, problems. Apollo offers e-cigarette kits: Endeavor, Valiant, Extreme, Box, VTube V4.0 Kit, Holiday, Oracle, Endeavor-X, Oracle-X, Ohm Go, eGo Box, Kanger EMUS Starter, Kanger Esmart, Kanger Evod, E-cigar, Disposable E-Cig, MODs: Aspire CF Sub Ohm, eLeaf iStick 20W, eLeaf iStick 50W, Phantom Mechanical, Reliant 60W Starter, Reliant 60W Pro, Reliant 60W Temp Control + TCR, SMOK X Pro M65; also clearomizers, aerotanks, protanks, Kanger protanks, clearomizers, blank cartomizers, batteries, USB Mini car chargers, wall adapters, portable charging cases, e-cig cases.

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Apollocigs e-liquid juice flavors review


People choose and highly recommend Apollo e-juices because their flavoring is premium grade, seemingly avoiding too sweet, artificially sweet, or otherwise coming off as overwhelming in an unwanted ‘candy-like’ taste.

Apollo’s Watermelon for starters seems to be the most popular, flavorful, and naturally satisfying while including a desirable throat-hit. The Watermelon flavor comes with the many common sweeteners found in most e-juices, but we find Watermelon to be a perfect balance, and not overbearing on the taste-buds.

If you’re a berry fan, then the Berry Blend is an awesome selection, as it includes raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry! If you really enjoy a fruity flavor yet again like to avoid a candy-like taste, then this is an optimal choice.

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For those interested in trying something new, there’s also a grape flavor, as well as a strawberry which both come in quite bold flavors, produce nice throat hits, and taste true to their flavors. While they are not as ‘ripe’ as Watermelon, they’re definitely still enjoyable, have a desirable after taste, and definitely produce desirable throat-hits.

Apollo Valiant Kit review


The Valiant vaporizer is made by the Apollo Company, marketed and strongly recognized by its brand name and manufacturer’s quality products, originating in California, USA. This California based vaping device and supplies company has been around for quite a while, and the evolution of the pro-tank (3 Kanger) makes it obvious that the company has come a long way in producing quality, durable parts and accessories to optimize your vaping experience— exceeding customers’ expectations.

At only $40 this is a quality vaporizer and starter kit that’s sure to get anyone immersed into the world of quality vaping and sub-ohming–as well as enjoying only the most premium of e-juice vape flavors.

In addition to its built-in Ohm meter, the Valiant comes with an LED screen to show how many vape hits you’ve taken. You can even directly control the voltage and wattage by 0.1V and 0.5W at a time, easily, right from the device itself! Battery power-readings are included with the LED feature–as well as automatic shutoff and wattage to voltage warnings.

The fact that the Valiant is compatible with any 510/eGo clearomiser shows its universal value, and again reinforces that Apollo products are made from the most premium grade, reputable (interchangeable) parts and accessories available.

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If you’re looking for the best experience, a sizable vaporizer for on-the-go, and one that’s going to hold a good charge as well as vaping juices (2.5mL), then the Valiant is a great selection for you.

Apollo Ego Box e-cigarette kit review


The Apollo Ego Box Kit Mod is an awesome choice for vapers just getting started, as it includes nearly everything you will need, a clearomizer built of durable materials, and a device that is a convenient fit and comfortable feel in your hand for continued use.

The Apollo Ego Box Kit is definitely a must-have for anyone seeking a simple solution for vaping, yet also looking for equivalently comparable quality, durability, and long-lasting battery life to other available models and box mods on the market.

The fact that you can charge your various tablets and other smart devices by using your Apollo Ego Box Mod while on the go is just an added, extraordinarily useful and unique bonus-feature that’s nearly non-existent with any other box mods available in today’s vaping products market.

The Apollo Ego is built fairly durably, and the added vent on the bottom shows that the manufacturers went above and beyond to produce a quality product with purpose, flexibility, and functionality. Users reported consistent usability up to 1-2 days with only one charge using the included 2000mAh battery.

To top it all off, as small and seemingly simple or “newbie” as this product is, it even provides the ability to pass-through charge, which means you can vape while you charge the device—which is hands down one of our favorite features! This says a lot, and demonstrates that size doesn’t mean everything.

Apollo VTube 5.0 with Temperature Control Kit video review


4 thoughts on “Apolloecigs.com Vtube e-liquid reviews coupon 25 30 off code free shipping

  1. Hawkeye40

    I bought VTube. It has a very sturdy feel to it and I would imagine it could handle drops and falls pretty well. I won’t intentionally subject mine to this, but based on how it feels. The fire button is very solid with a resounding click when pressed. The device has 3 smaller buttons that control power on/off, volts up, and volts down. I have the standard sized VTube, so the battery that came with it is an 18650. This is your fairly standard battery that it seems most vendors include in kits. It’s an IMR 18650 3.7v 1600mAh. I have found that with using my VTube at home in the evenings chain vaping on it, I get at least 2 to 2.5 nights worth of use out of it before it needs to be recharged. The charger included is very simple and basic, but gets the job done. Outputs 4.2v at 600mAh. Their customer service is great.

    The overall picture is that this is a great device for the price point Apollo is selling it at. The overall construction is very solid. I will recommend it to others looking for a good mid-level APV device. On a scale of 1 – 10, I’ll give it a solid 8.5.

  2. RP

    Performance: The eGo VV can be adjusted from three volts to six volts in increments of 0.10v. Considering how much this vaping device costs, I was impressed by its accurate and consistent performance. Using the clearos and tanks mentioned above, I vaped anywhere from 3.5v to 4.4v. The voltage was on the money and stayed that way for the majority of the battery’s life. It tuckered out towards the end, but that was totally expected.

    Battery Life: I was getting about five hours of battery life per charge with the eGo VV. I’m a fairly regular vaper, so your mileage may vary. With my habits, I was going through a little less than three full batteries per day. Obviously I was getting more battery life at lower voltages and less at higher voltages. If you’re a heavy vaper that’s considering picking up the eGo VV, I’d suggest getting a few.

    Verdict: If you’ve been thinking about dipping your toe into the world of variable-voltage vaping then the eGo VV from Apollo is a great way to go. It’s a good device, but if it’s not your cup of tea then you can take advantage of the company’s 30-day guarantee. If you’re an experienced vaper looking for a solid but low-cost variable-voltage solution, then picking a couple of these units is a compelling option. The eGo VV is a good vaping device backed by a generous warranty and great service.

    For a relatively small company, I was very impressed with Apollo’s support service, guarantee policy, and warranty policy.

  3. Zeuss

    I personally really like the vtube. A really clean look to it and hasn’t failed me once yet. I have the vtube and the phazer tank is awesome but swapped it out and put on my SMOK tfv4 tank and it’s phenomenal. Just be sure to swap out your coil heads if you’re using the phazer tank when the flavor starts getting a bit burnt. I’ve put rebuildables atomizer, as long as it fits in the connection and doesn’t go below 0.2 ohms. If you got the whole kit, the phazer tank is amazing alone with the 0.2 replacement coil heads. Decent clouds and great flavor.

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