user reviews 5 off coupon free shipping code is a popular electronic and e-liquid China based retailer. They offer cheap e-cigarette kits: eGo Twist, EVOD, eGo-T, 510-T, eGo-K, eGo-C Twist, eGo-W, RBA/RDA mods, HANNA MODZ Pack Style MOD V3, Panda 80W VW, Vamo V2 Variable Voltage, VAMO V8, Acrylic Unicorn 50W, Eleaf iStick 2200mAh 20W, drip tips, chargers, clearomizers, e-juice. There are 4 shipping services: DHL, EMS, Regular airmail, and First-Class Registered Airmail. Read user reviews about e-cig, mods vapor production, battery life, e-liquid flavors. new coupon discount promo code August 2017:

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With a range of various style and size drip-tips, and DIY guides it’s evident that Desire-ecig is big on promoting DIY modifications, enhancements, and lessons on maximizing your vaping experience.

AV and APV mods are available in various styles, and thanks to it’s variety-featured products sub-ohm coils are also available in various models.

The majority of box-mods and vaporizers through are both voltage and wattage variable, which really enhances a vapers experiences. Whether you wish to sub-ohm, increase likelihood of throat hits, or adjust the size of vape-clouds there’s nearly a perfect match for anyone through With drip-tip insulation accessories and acrylic based-build, one can really maximize on the life of one’s vaporizer or box mod thanks to these well-constructed materials. There’s even a glass-exhaust style drip tip – so innovative design and vape materials become very fluent throughout’s product interface. also provides various clearomizer kits, made from different materials, and even has order-deals to get more than one, in different colors, and styles. A lot of these such as the CE4-C and CE4 V2 also have the changeable coil clearomizers for total customization.

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Sub-ohm atomizers and a broad array of e-liquids are also easily available through’s friendly user-interface. Sub-ohm atomizer wires can be sold as small as 0.5mm.

In conclusion, a vaping enthusiast site that also sells silica, fiberglass grade wicks is definitely a premium vaping supply company and seller that’s worth considering for anyone looking to maximize their investment on their mod or vaporizers and experience. 1 meter atomizer wires are also sold through In consideration of all of these various, critical parts, components, and accessories for vaporizers (and box-mods) it’s evident that has your vaping experience’s best interest in mind.

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2 thoughts on “ user reviews 5 off coupon free shipping code

  1. VaPreis

    I bought my Rocket V2 from Desire when they first came out. No problems to report. Their shipping was quicker than Fasttech and they take PayPal.

  2. BPM

    I got my Origin mod in about a week and a half ago. I have to say it shipped way faster than I was expecting compared to my previous orders from China. The mod I got looks to be the exact same one as the cheapest version on Fasttech(except this one has a magnetic firing switch), logo was very faded almost to the point of being unreadable(not a deal breaker for me). the drilled air holes in the 510 connector were not cleaned very well and still had some flashing that I did not notice when I first got it. The mod was working fine for about a week then I had alot of issues with overheating and venting batteries on it(later found to be caused by the flashing in the 510 connector). Also had alot of issues with the locking ring getting stuck in either the fully up or fully down position which seems to be a common issue with the Origin. Cleaned the flashing off with a reamer and a T-pin and applied some Noalox to the locking ring and working flawlessly now. All in all I am pretty impressed with this company, the same quality and nearly the same price I would expect with Fasttech with much faster shipping.

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