Apolloecigs VTube V4.0 e-cig kit reviews. New coupon discount code

VTube V4.0 Kit review and coupon code


The VTube V4.0 Full Kit cost approximately $140, while the mod-box itself only cost about $80. The full kit and both the mod itself are extremely desirable products as the Apollo VTube comes from a company with a strong reputation and presence in the e-cig to vaping game and has long-standed to always leave its customers satisfied and reinforce its products with a solid warranty and guarantee.

The Vtube V4.0 in particular is especially unique for vapers because it is a sub-ohm in which you are able to set the atomizer and run the coils at as low as 0.1 Watts. While such total-control is very desirable for maintaining the most ideal vaping experience, throat hits, and cloud sizes for you, it’s worth noting that such behavior can drain the battery faster, or slower, dependent upon how you do it and arrange the settings—of course as well as other factors such as how big your drags are. On that note, the device has both an alert for voltage and wattage usage, warnings, and protection so that you do not burn out or otherwise damage the device (in most instances) or coils with reckless or otherwise impractical settings.

People choose the VTube V4.0 because it comes with a very attractive LED screen, total control with “+” and “-“ buttons directly on the device for power, and throws the old spiral e-cig and box-shape mod styles down the drain in coming out with a more cylindrical shape!

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