Joye 510-t e-cigarette system starter kit reviews (battery life, vapor, tips)

Joyetech 510-t e-cigarette system starter kit

The new Joye 510-T E-Cig has made changes in its features from the earlier version. The older 510 Cigarettes used wadding to hold the liquid but instead the new Joye 510-T uses a cartridge. So, one can easily pour more liquid in without changing the liquid holder much frequently. The refilling of cartridges is not very problematic. The second thing is the older Joye 510 used to have a battery which life span was shorter. This time, the new adaptation allowed the battery life to increase. So the batteries last longer. The charger supports the older Joye 510 battery as well but it is better not to use them for better output.

The vapor output of this version is awesome to say the least. One puff results in huge quantity of the vapor and an E-cig fan would love it. There are no dry hits as well. The flavor is good as well. The pack includes two atomizers, two batteries and five cartridges. The batteries can be manual or automated. There is also a USB charger.

You will find it hard to open up the top for the removal of the empty cartridges. The whole product is very cheap and offers long lasting service for any E-Cig lover. The charging is very easy for the battery and the battery life complements the cigarette itself. It is slowly getting to the level of its predecessor and hopefully it will cross that margin very soon. For many, it is the best available product in E-Cig market.

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