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E-cigarettes are a niche product that have become highly beloved by its enthusiasts. The community of e-smokers has grown tenfold in recent years, now consisting of millions of daily users. It has become addicting through enjoyment, a great alternative to addicting through harmful chemicals and drugs.

With the growth of the e-cigarettes industry comes many new businesses trying to get a share of the market. This competition is great for e-cigarette enthusiasts as it allows them to have a greater selection of products to choose from. It also creates price competition, so it’s making e-cigarette devices and accessories more affordable than ever before.

That’s where things get a little troubling too. Having so much competition means that users have many options to pick from and not all of them are great. This makes it important to find the top rated e-cigarettes to ensure that the e-cigarette device that is purchased is of high quality. Otherwise, money could end up getting wasted on a product that will need to be replaced either right away or just a few weeks or months later.

What is the best selling e-cigarette?

You don’t want to make the mistake of buying a poor quality product. To make it easier, here is a list of seven of the most highly reviewed and recommended e-cigarettes on the market and some brief details about each of them.

eGo Twist with a CE4+ Clearomizer or EVOD Bottom Coil Clearomizer


The eGo Twist is made by JoyeTech and is available with either a CE4+ clearomizer or an EVOD Bottom Coil clearomizer. The CE4 clearomizer is the most common choice and it has a simple refill process. However, EVODs are quickly growing in popularity and are becoming the choice of the more experienced e-cigarette users. This type of clearomizer creates warm vapor, clean flavor, and it has less complications with wicking.

This e-cigarette can be set with a voltage level of 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts. This is controlled by twisting the cap, which is located beneath the battery.


CE4 Clearomizer

CE4 Clearomizer

Evod Bottom Coil Clearomizer

Evod Bottom Coil Clearomizer

This is one of the more affordable options of e-cigarette devices that are available. It is definitely a good choice for anyone that is just starting out. It has all the basic features that you would need. It’s range of options, such as in the type of clearomizer, also makes it effective for anyone looking for a more custom device.

eGo-T e-cigarette


The eGo-T is another e-cigarette made by JoyeTech. This particular device features a whole new approach with its ‘Tank System’. This device features a design that includes a sealed tank, which eliminates the problem of constant dripping while using the device.

The eGo-T is seen as a glimpse into the future for the e-cigarette market. It is expected that many manufacturers will start to build e-cigarettes with this feature. This product is great though, as it includes all the basic components of an eGo device and it comes with the new and innovative fluid feeding system.

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The basis of the Tank System is the cartridge, which does not have any material that keeps the liquid. Instead, it is just one sealed tank. It has a capacity of 1.2ml and it is very easy to refill. No more swapping cartridges!

eGo-C 650mAh Battery with CE4+ Clearomizer


The eGo-C is another e-cigarette device made by JoyeTech – if you haven’t realized yet, they are highly respected as being one of the finest quality producers of e-cigarette products on the market.

The eGo-C features an interchangeable atomizer system. This makes it incredibly easy for you to clean out the device as you can take off parts separately. This includes the atomizer cover, atomizer head, and atomizer base. This also means that you can always keep things fresh by swapping parts or you can dedicate an atomizer to each e-liquid that you use. Another major plus is that a broken part can be replaced easier and for a fraction of the cost.
This product also features a 650mAh battery, which is large enough to allow you to take upwards of 800 puffs in a single day. The CE4+ clearomizer is an industry standard and it’s very easy to use and refilled. This device as a whole is incredibly powerful, dependable, and convenient in every single aspect.


Provari is an e-cigarette device made by ProVape. This one is definitely unique. It features a digital screen that displays your voltage levels. Yup, this e-cigarette actually lets you control the voltage level from 2.9 to 6.0 volts with increments of 0.1 volt. This battery efficient use allows for vapor volume to remain consistent regardless of battery life.
The ProVari has a standby mode, which prevents the atomizer from powering up if the button is accidentally pressed. It also features a very convenient 16 second shutoff control, which means that it will power itself off if you accidentally forget to turn it off.

There is also a ProVari Mini that features a 16% shorter design. This is a great alternative if you require a highly compact e-cigarette device. This version has the same voltage control features and power settings, and it’s cheaper!


Vamo-V5 e-cig
Made by FastTech, the Vamo e-cigarette smoking device is a beauty. It’s loved for its ability to replicate that true cigarette taste. It comes with two 18350 batteries that are rechargeable. It can also be powered by a single 18650 battery. It also features a digital display that makes it easy to know the current voltage levels when in use.

Made out of stainless steel, this particular e-cigarette has a very sleek and sexy design. It is not only the best looking, but also the best performing e-cigarette for newbies to pick up in a starter kit. It is also incredibly convenient as the charger allows you to recharge it when on the road or in a different city. If you are looking for your first e-cigarette and you don’t want to pay too much, you definitely can’t go wrong with a Vamo.

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JoyeTech eVic

It comes another wonderful product from JoyeTech!

The eVic is an e-cigarette of dominance from the moment you look at it. It features a simple, yet powerful design that leaves the impression of nothing but quality. But it’s not just the beautiful visual appeal of this device that really makes it amazing, it’s something else…
An operating system. No, really…the JoyeTech eVic has the capability of saving and managing vapor history. At the same time, it can comprehend interaction between human and machine through its connection to your computer. This allows the device to demonstrate to you the way that you have been using it. Along with its huge capacity, you will find yourself relying on this device as your daily go-to e-cigarette for many years to come.

This device is approximately 4.88 inches long and features a digital display and touch control for output voltage.

iTaste MVP


iTaste MVP is a device made by Innokin. This is the only one of their products on this list, but their devices are generally top quality and a solid choice. If you’re not going with any of the ones from this list, they’re pretty much the only other guaranteed satisfaction options on the market, but the iTaste MVP is really the cream of the crop when it comes to Innokin devices.

This e-cigarette features a box shape instead of the typical stick cylinder shape. Of course, the mouth piece attaches to the box part and it’s shaped like a normal e-cigarette. It comes with many different design options, from solid colors to multi-color patterns and designs. It includes voltage control, with 0.1 volt increments from 3.3 volts to 5.0 volts. It also includes an overwhelming battery capacity as it features a 2600mAh rechargeable battery.

This device is approximately 4.21 inches long and takes fix to six hours to charge. Its huge battery means that each charge will last for a long time though. Its puff counting feature also makes it easy for you to see how long your battery is lasting – the amount of puffs taken will be counted until the device is turned off.

Now it’s Time to Choose the Right E-Cigarette for You!

The description for each of these e-cigarettes comes off as highly positive. You don’t really see anything negative about any of the products. But that’s for good reason!
These are the highest rated e-cigarette devices on the market. That means that the production quality and product features are second to none. You can’t go wrong with choosing any of these seven products. So if you’re currently looking for an e-cigarette, it’s just a matter of determining which of them will suit you best.

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