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Most popular e-cigarette companies, supplies, vendors US. Best place to buy online and offline e-cigarette kits, mods, e-liquid, cartomizers, batteries, adapters.

E-cigarettes are a raving industry full of up-and-coming businesses that are looking for their slice of the pie. It’s a business that’s becoming hard to get into and as a result, a good name is worth its weight in gold. At the same time, a name being tarnished can easily put an e-cigarette shop out of business.

Much of the Internet has become review based. That’s no different with the selection of online suppliers of e-cigarettes and e-juice. The purpose of this article is to show you what each of the most highly reviewed e-cigarette and e-juice companies shops have to offer.

Take a look at the list below. This is ten different shops. Each will include a brief description of the business and the range of products that they offer. This should give you an idea on which of the more trusted businesses may be worth considering as you should already know the type of product that you’re after.

Top 10 e-cigarette e-liquid juice online shops (sites):

Mad Vapes has been around since 2009. The company’s growth has lead them to recently moving their inventory space into a 10,000 square foot warehouse.

Mad Vapes carries a wide range of products. For electronic cigarettes, they have eGo, Starter, and Mod kits. They have individual listings for all the different e-cigarette parts and even for DIY parts to spice things up. Of course, they have e-juice products to choose from as well. They are also a supplier of Innokin, a popular brand of e-cigarette products.

Electronic Cigarettes section gives you the option of the three different kits mentioned above. The other sections are pretty straightforward – go to “Mods” if you are looking to mod your device, “E-Cig Parts” if you need any parts, and etc.

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ProVape has been around since 2010, operating as a top designer, manufacturer, and retailer of US-made e-cigarettes. This means that their online shop is built around the products that they make and sell.

ProVape has a reasonable line-up of products considering it is limited to their own creations. Their premiere series is the ‘Provari’ line which contains the Provari and the Provari Mini e-cigarette devices. These are both compatible with their Provari Pass-Thru charger, which allows you to charge the device in your car and at home. The Provari Wraps are a completely cosmetic product, but it’s cool that you have the ability to choose different designs for your device. The company also has a water vapor cigarette, which is referred to as the ProVape-1.
Aside from their e-cigarette devices, ProVape also offers over 35 different flavors of e-juices and a variety of parts and accessories for your e-cigarette device.

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Litecig USA has been around since 2008. They operate as a “one-stop shop” for all your e-cigarette needs.  This means that just about anything you could need from e-cigarette kits to e-cigarette parts and juices will be findable in their shop. This should make it pretty easy to hit their $75 order requirement for free shipping.

LitecigUSA has a diverse selection of product categories. The main categories are e-cigarette starter kits, atomizers, rebuildable atomizers, clearomizers, cartridges, cartomizers, drip tips, and disposable e-cigarettes. Of course, you have the standard categories as well, such as accessories, clearance items, new products, and deal of the day.

Out of the entire list, this e-cigarette shop really stands out as being one with a large selection of products. Some of the alternative shops contain everything you would need, but not necessarily with the same variety of options. Litecig USA isn’t just about their e-cigarettes either, their e-liquid section must contain hundreds of different flavors, from tobacco or menthol to banana or coconut cream!

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Volcano e Cigs has been around since 2009, operating as a top designer, manufacturer, and retailer of their own products. This means that their online shop consists of products created under the Volcano e Cigs brand.

Their shop features a wide range of products. Their starter kits are named The Magma, The Inferno, and the Lavatube Version 2.5. They also have categories for cartomizers, e-liquids, and accessories. Some stores break these categories down further, but Volcano e Cigs keeps it pretty simple. For example, Drip Tips is its own section in some shops from this list, but it’s simply under accessories in this store. E-liquid flavor selection is not a concern with them either, they offer almost 50 different flavors.

As with any brand-specific store, the only downfall is that you are stuck choosing between what they offer instead of choosing between numerous brand names. This is not necessarily a bad thing though, the Volcano e Cigs brand is very reputable and highly reviewed amongst its users.

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Apollo E-Cigs does not mention when they were founded on their website, but their online activity dates back to at least 2010. They also operate as a top designer, manufacturer, and retailer of their own products.

Their shop has five different starter kits to choose from – the Standard, Extreme, eSlim, Superior eGo, and the VTube Kit. Their website ranks each of these starter kits based on who they are best for, whether it’s a beginner, intermediate or experienced e-cigarette user and whether it’s a light, medium, or heavy smoker. The other category in their online store is e-liquids, which features roughly 50 different flavor options.

The Apollo E-Cigs store may not be as luxurious or diverse as many of the others on the list, but it is definitely a great choice for someone looking for a starter kit and some e-liquids. This store mostly pertains to those that are interested in the Apollo brand. Given the positive reviews behind many of their products, it is definitely a brand that’s worth considering.

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Vapor Alley has been around since 2009. They offer e-cigarette and e-juice products for everyone, from complete beginners to complete pros. Their selection includes products from all different brands, so you can choose from a large variety all in one store.

While their online shop isn’t the prettiest, it definitely has everything that an e-cig smoker could need. Their categories include e-cig kits, e-cig mods, Philippine mods, pass-throughs, atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers, tank systems, cartridges, e-liquids, batteries, battery chargers, battery cases, and accessories. They also have sections for new releases and deals.
Of course, many of the sections could be classified as accessories or something else, like they are in many other online e-cigarette stores. But the variety is too large to really limit everything to a few select categories. For instance, their starter kit section has a dozen options, but the amount on most other online shops is only three or four.

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My Freedom Smokes has been around since 2008. They are an online retailer of a wide range of popular e-cigarette and e-liquid brands, such as Flavor Apprentice, JoyeTech, KangerTech, and Innokin. While they also offer many e-cigarette products, their main focus and pride is their immense selection of e-liquids and e-liquid accessories.

Every other website description on here includes the specific categories that are found on their website. However, it is impossible to easily cover the list of categories for the My Freedom Smokes shop. This is because the website currently has 25 main categories and many sub-categories under these. Needless to say, they pretty much offer everything you could need when shopping for e-cigarettes or e-liquids.

What really makes My Freedom Smokes stand out is their incredible range of options for e-liquid flavors. Just the Flavor Apprentice brand alone makes up for nearly 100 different e-liquid flavors. From Belgian waffles to Almond Amaretto, Cotton Candy, and even Peanut Butter, nearly every flavor imaginable has been brought to life and put up for sale in the My Freedom Smokes shop. From their e-liquid selection, the option of drink flavors, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are especially impressive.

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AltSmoke has been around since 2009. They are an online retailer of many different e-cigarette and e-liquid products from a wide range of brands. Their online shop has pretty much everything you could need, whether you’re shopping for a complete e-cig kit, accessories, or just flavorful e-liquids.

Their website breaks down products into three main sections – starter kits, e-liquids, and accessories. This is exactly how an online e-cigarette retailer should arrange their website.
Once you hover the category for starter kits, you will be presented with categories for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced user, as well as a category for Mech Mods. Their e-liquid category breaks down into nine sub-categories and has an endless list of flavors to choose from, from brands such as AltLiquid, eVo, Five Pawns, and Perfected Vapes. Their accessories section contains sub-categories for just about everything, such as atomizers, rebuildable atomizers, batteries, tanks, cartomizers, mod accessories, clearomizers, and clearance products.

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Vapor Kings has been around since 2011 and has seen tremendous expansions over the years – this includes going from an online retailer with a warehouse to that plus a second and third retail store. Their store also has a vaping lounge that’s pimped out with flat screens, arcade machines, snacks and beverages.

Vapor Kings thrives from its local success, but it was built around being an online retailer. It comes as a bit of a surprise that their website does not categorize their products very well. Their website contains a list of sections scrolling down the left side with specific categories and products spread beneath them. The sections are as follows: latest products, e-liquid refills, and products by model.

The list of brands that they carry on their front page can often help narrow down your options – some examples of brands that they do carry include JoyeTech, NicQuid, Five Pawns, Dekang, ProVape, and KangerTech.

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