CoilART Azeroth RTA review

CoilART Azeroth RTA review

I just recieved the Azeroth RTA from CoilArt. After opening the bag and pulling out my coil art package i noticed the packaging straight away, displaying all the information about the tank and a very choice of colours making the small compact packaging look and feel very professional and well though out.
CoilART Azeroth RTA
Opening the box you recieve your RTA (preinstalled triple coil deck no coils) you also recieve the replaceable dual deck, what i assume is called an allan key screwdriver, an actual allan key, a bag of extra allan screws and bands for your tank and finally a manual.

The tank:

I ordered this RTA in gold, and i can not stop looking at it, it is stunning. The tank is quite small being 24mm wide all the way up and it is fairly short. I also recieved the black but as this is a very limited branded tank anyway and the black makes it harder to see i much prefer the gold as the branding is very nice and cisible on this colour.

The triple deck is a good idea, but im afraid the chimney shaft, build space, and wire size felxibility is too limited to put your crazy sized exotic coils in there, which is a shame because if there was more space the triple deck would chuck alot more flavor! The wicking is also very tight and no room for error at all! Very hard to find that balance between leaking and dry hits.

I switched to the dual deck, i find to be alot better as there is more room for slightly bigger couls, still not as big as i had hoped but alot better than the triple deck. Once i had installed dual 5 wrap 3mm alien coils , this deck wicks quite well and provides a very nice smooth throat hit. The avor? Its good, its okay, meh i cant decide, the chimney shaft above the coils is so thin i feel like my vapor is stuck down in the deck! It wicks beautifully but the flavor i feel is just not up to par with other RTAs out there in the same price range, (the kylin by vandy vape) for example.

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  • The tank is beautifully finished, well machined and stands out (gold)
  • I have better tanks but i use this purely for the aesthetic appeal.
  • Nice and compact tank and easy to fill.
  • I feel this is a great tank for people just after a decent vape nothing too fancy but performs.


  • Very small build space
  • Tight wicking slots
  • Triple deck screws stripped straight away!

Overall i would give this RTA a 6/7 out of 10 pushing towards 7 because of how well this RTA looks.

Review by Harry

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