Coil master coil kit review

Coil master coil kit review
This coil kit by coil master is by far the best kit I have had the pleasure of using to date everything has its place and is easily accessible the 521 mini is a must for anyone building coils and for safety to keep the resistance on par with ohms law and is super easy to use and all the tools are of a good quality the ceramic tweezers and a definite bonus when pinching the coils to remove hot spots and get that coil glowing to perfection the coil wrap pins are machined very nicely the case itself is awesome and durable with dual zippers to keep everything in for when your on the road and need to make a new coil over all I give this coil master coil kit a 9/10 for being a great addition to my set up thanks and happy vaping.

Review by Shawn

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