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v2cigs.com is an popular online e-cigarette e-liquid store.
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Do you want to enjoy your life free of ash smoke and odor while getting the real charm of cigarettes? Do bid for v2 flavor cartridges:

The v2 flavor cartridges have owes its name in the world of electronic smokes. With v2 flavor you can get the real taste of smoke without inhaling nicotine. The v2 flavor cartridges contain tobacco, menthol and special flavors.

Which accessories you can get in V2cigs?

In V2cig’s kit you get a complete packaged accessory. The basic products which you get by buying a V2cig’s kit embrace:

– standard e cigarette
– automatic e-cigarette battery
– a manual battery
– ten e liquid flavor cartridge
– a USB charger
– an adapter

Which of the flavors are available in V2cigs?

The following flavors you can get by bidding V2cig’s kits:

– grape
– menthol
– chocolate
– mint tea

In which 4 nicotine strengths the V2 cigs are available:

The V2 cigs are available in 4 nicotine strength like:

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– nicotine = 0%
– nicotine = 0.6 %
– nicotine = 1.2 %
– nicotine = 1.8%

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