Halocigs.com Triton G6 starter kit sale coupon offer code

Halocigs.com online store offers G6 Starter Kits, batteries, chargers, mini tanks, blank cartomizers, prefilled cartomizers, Triton starter kits, Triton batteries, tanks, chargers, accessories; Premium E-Liquid: tobacco, menthol, gourmet flavors.
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Halocigs kits are gorgeous in looks with its black stain casing. They come in various tremendous colors and shapes and free shipping is also available. The batteries capacities also vary in sizes and capacities. Their battery sizes ranges from 65 mm to 78 mm. The larger battery works for longer time as you do not have to recharge it again and again.

G6 Starter Kit includes:

– 2 batteries (manual or automatic);
– pack of 5 cartridges;
– a USB adapter;
– 1 wall adopter
– 1 charger
– 1 case

In which colors the halo cigarettes do comes?
Halo e-cigarettes in variety of colors. Their main charming covering colors embrace:

– pink
– purple
– blue
– black
– green

The most demanding flavors of halocigs embrace:
– cocoa
– menthol
– Turkish
– tobacco

Most of halo cigarettes are made up of metallic material with a soft coating on it. The LED is having red light which blinks when you inhale the cigarette and thus gives a very charming look. The Halo cigarettes are gorgeous in designs and come in variety of scrumptious flavors.

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