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Vapor kings are making e cigarettes for more than 4 years and have deliver thousands of orders till now. This is an online store where you can buy the e-cigs in order to quit smoking and it will not harm you because of absence of nicotine and tobacco. They are giving shipping guarantee of the same day, as they have the fastest delivery except weekend days like Saturday and Sunday. People place their orders because of their fastest and reliable services.

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Their sell items include:

* E-cigs Cases: They are selling different kinds of e-cig cases like in plastic casing for offices or in different colors with many styles.

* Disposable e-cigs and cigars: If you want to try an electronic cigarettes then use electronic cigarettes of king vapors. They provide 150-200 puffs. It activates when you want to use it.

* E-liquid Refill Accessories: stainless steel cans are available, you can easily fill the dispenser by pump the button lightly, you can attach the chain too with the bottle.

* E-cigarettes battery and chargers: These cases can be attached to the cell phones but not connected.

*E-Cigarettes Drip Tip: They are basically made for the maximum airflow and each has a different serial number. They are 100% recyclable and has high heat plastic.

*Blank E-cigs Cartridges: If you don’t want anyone to taste your cigs but you are sitting in between friends and they want to smoke it too then you can let them taste it via join tester to the e-cigs and you can use mouth piece as well, this is perfect solution to save yourself from germs.

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*Starter Kits: These are the kits you can give as a gift to your friends and family. It includes e-cig battery, battery charger and refillable clearomizer.

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