Volt x2, Nano, RY4, 555, CE3 e-cigarette reviews (battery life, e-liquid juice flavor, vapor)

Smokeless Image electronic cigarette is cheap and quality e-cigarette. It’s a 2-piece e-cig. It consists of cartomizer and battery. There are many e-juice liquid flavors for this cigarette. Try Volt CE3 cartomizer and  X2 battery. Read user reviews about Volt x2, Nano, RY4, 555, CE3, Volt kit battery life, vapor production, juice flavors, shipping, support. Get the latest promo, coupon, discount code 2013. Buy e-cig lit and earn Volt points.

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Smokeless Image Volt e-cigarette


Volt – Pro Starter Kit includes:

– 2 rechargeable lithium ion batteries
– 5 filter tips ( flavor and strength for your choice)
– 1 volt charging case or mega charging case
– 3 month warranty!

Juice flavors: strong sampler, watermelon, grape, ice menthol, cherry, cappuccino, country, freedom, 555.

LED colors: green, purple, orange, white, blue, red, black, pink, yellow, silver, gold, copper.

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3 thoughts on “ Volt x2, Nano, RY4, 555, CE3 e-cigarette reviews (battery life, e-liquid juice flavor, vapor)

  1. Onenorahs

    Too bad- I really like their products, but I’m sick of their poor customer service! They’ve been courteous and professional if you can get ahold of them. This was my first brand. I’ve upgraded to a vv but still buy their cartos and stuff. I’ve placed 4 orders with them in the last month!! I had questions about a product and played phone tag for 2 days before I could speak with a live person. When you’re at work, you call on your free time. Second order I tried to place by phone (thought maybe if I got it in early it would go out same day) and had the same problem. Ended up placing online that night. Then one of the parts (just a cheapie gemstone for the end of my ecig) was defective. Called- same issue roll to vm. I sent them a courteous email about the constant run around I’d been getting from them and now a defective product (tho minor.) I didn’t want THEM to incur shipping for such a cheap part, so I thought maybe in the interest of poor service, defect, savings and repeat customer they could combine my loyalty points (added up to about 4 bucks) and defect refund amt. for a pkg of cartos. Using a discount code it would total about the same amount. They said no and refunded me for the defective part by givng me crappy loyalty points.

    Then they have the faces of Volt contest. I thought I’d put my pic up and give the free battery to a friend or keep a pack of cartos for myself whichever- I wasn’t picky. But giving a friend a battery also has the potential to create another customer for them. I emailed Imagine to see if the pic was satisfactory. She reminded me to add my testimony (which I did and she confirmed the post was satisfactory 10/21.) Nothing… No instructions or info as to how to redeem for the contest. I followed up with Imagine thinking maybe they won’t send redemption instructions till contest was over- still nothing. Then I placed ANOTHER order with them. In the interest of saving THEIR COMPANY on shipping the contest item, I asked if they would include it with my paid order, referencing the post # on the testimonial. The rep. stated no- she didn’t have the authority to do that and shipped without it. To date I’ve still heard no reply from SI about the contest merchandise promised to me.

    Now everyone talks about how great their merchandise is- and that’s correct. I use an EGO-VV and need an 808 adapter just to use their products But I won’t anymore. I assume after this post, I won’t receive my free contest item either. I read another online complaint on ECF where the unsatisfied customer felt they retaliated against her.

    I work as a Call Center Manager, and Service 101- It’s much more cost effective and easier to keep an existing customer than lose them and compete for new ones with the competition. I’ve repeatedly tried to resolve all issues directly with them before posting this.

  2. Ralikar

    So I started to try SI cause of their rep and a posted that I was a new customer… There was an order problem (my fault) and their CS person called… He sounded nice and said he would personally check my new bats. He did and they work great.

    So I fired up their clearo… I read all the tips/tricks… And it was awesome! I was very happy. For about 30 hours and then it broke and was leaking all over for no reason… 6 fills, sat horizontally on my desk never in a pocket… So I was mad. Then I tried the other one. Worked great then leaked after ONE REFILL. Maybe it was overwicking? All the seals were tight… Gurgling every draw and all over the bat… COULDN’T HANDLE ONE REFILL! I vape hard and I was just hoping for 4-5 days/each. Not to have $12 ripped out of my wallet and thrown into the trash. Maybe CS would replace them but I don’t care.

    Because that’s not the problem… The problem is the ECF community has now become guinea pigs so these companies can foist their cheap crap on us that doesn’t work well. And WE let them and feel it’s somehow OUR responsibility to make mods for their cheap crap that doesn’t work well at all. It’s not MY job to put other O-rings on your crappy carto… or to make sure it doesn’t melt w/my juice… or to get micro scissors and cut your crappy wick.

    This is a carto that need to be filled when it gets to the .4ml line and being billed as 1.6 ml. It’s just 1.2. This is a carto so frought with problems that everyone has to make mods and change their vaping to accomodate this sorry crap that should not be on the market. SI can post it lasts 2-3 weeks… Guess they can post it lasts 2-3 years as well. Who’s to stop them?

    And then when these “companies” that buy this crap for 25cents in China offer to replace this stuff we applaud them : GREAT CS!! WOOT!

    ***You know what the best CS is? The one you never have to call! Because the company is not selling crap.***

    So we at the ECF/EC community have to STOP allowing ourselves to mod/test this sorry crap all over the market then APPLAUD another cheap product sent as a replacement as if the company is doing us some favor. ECF NEEDS TO DEMAND HIGH QC PRODUCTS! Tell Kwon over in China to QC the products cause ECF people are tired of cheap crap breaking that shouldn’t be on the market.

    So I already ordered my PBCs from another company. We need to have a ZERO tolerance for this.

    Prompt replacement of flawed garbage is NOT good CS! It’s bad QC and a trick to look like a great CS business when your business model is to send out sorry junk, make people mod it then send out some replacements to anyone that complains. These companies push out a v1.1 and make a fortune, then a 1.2… make one fix… 1.3… all the while cashing in on junk instead of putting a solid v2.

    ECF people need to start punishing the companies that sell trash.

    WE ARE NOT YOUR GUINEA PIGS. If it needs a mod YOU make one! Or don’t sell it!!

  3. Super Lyndotron

    I’ve had mine for three weeks – 4 78mm batteries on rotation (cos I like to have 3 flavours on hand at any one time), if I just use the one batt I get *almost* a full day out of it on a full charge… I tend to just take a few drags whenever I feel like a cigarette and it does the trick nicely. Down from 15 cigarettes a day to zero. Nice.

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