Volt x2, Nano, RY4, 555, CE3 e-cigarette reviews (battery life, e-liquid juice flavor, vapor)

Smokeless Image electronic cigarette is cheap and quality e-cigarette. It’s a 2-piece e-cig. It consists of cartomizer and battery. There are many e-juice liquid flavors for this cigarette. Try Volt CE3 cartomizer and  X2 battery. Read user reviews about Volt x2, Nano, RY4, 555, CE3, Volt kit battery life, vapor production, juice flavors, shipping, support. Get the latest promo, coupon, discount code 2013. Buy e-cig lit and earn Volt points.

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Smokeless Image Volt e-cigarette


Volt – Pro Starter Kit includes:

– 2 rechargeable lithium ion batteries
– 5 filter tips ( flavor and strength for your choice)
– 1 volt charging case or mega charging case
– 3 month warranty!

Juice flavors: strong sampler, watermelon, grape, ice menthol, cherry, cappuccino, country, freedom, 555.

LED colors: green, purple, orange, white, blue, red, black, pink, yellow, silver, gold, copper.

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