Which Electronic Cigarettes Produce the Most Vapor (Smoke)?

Lavatube e-cigarette

Among the many e- cigarette brands available in the market, when it comes to vapor production level, only two are said to equally match. These two are namely: Volcano’s Lavatube e-cigarette and Provape.  Now let us start the face-off!

The Volcano’s Lavatube is unlike any other 2-piece 510 systems that are out in the market, the system used in this product uses LCD screen to show the wattage level selected by the user and there are easy to use buttons for the selections as well. When you thought LCD’s are just for TV’s. It has a controllable vapor, which you can set based on your own preference. You might think that since you can manipulate the voltage, you would probably drain the amperage, but you won’t! The batteries used by Lavatube will allow optimal use no matter what setting you choose.

Lavatube’s physical attributes are bigger than the usual e-cigarettes, but this happened for a purpose. Lavatube is meant for smokers who would want to boost their vapor production; flavor and throat hit way higher than a usual e-cigarette can do. Now, since Lavatube is mainly appropriate for e-cigarettes users and not the newbie’s, still its safety features appeals to new users. Making critical errors in using the Lavatube won’t destroy it so easily like if you mistakenly inserted its battery the wrong way, the Lavatube won’t be damaged at all. If you put in a voltage setting too high for your atomizer or cartomizer to handle, it will adjust your voltage automatically. The power that Lavatube produce is not at par with any other brands, this makes it stand out more. And most users of e-cigarette would want to have that certain level of control to better enjoy its benefits. When it comes to purchasing its parts, both Lavatube’s atomizer and cartomizer are available in the market. You can also avail of the pre-filled cartomizers to mega clearomizers and even the massive tube tank.
Most e-cigarette users who just look for more satisfaction switches to Lavatube.

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ProVape-1 e-cigarette
Moving on with the next product, Lavatube found a great competitor in Provape. Provape was created when electronic cigarettes of all sorts were starting to be released in the market and the sad news is that these products came out to be cheap electronic products. The founders of Provape were electronic cigarette users and sadly they had bad experiences with the products they used. This brought them the idea that as a user, they would probably know what would be expected from the product. Simply put, the previous products released in the market didn’t seem to address the concerns and issues of smokers who wanted to shift, rather they created doubts if this e-cigarettes are really good alternatives.

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Initially, these electronic cigarettes might seem more expensive than the regular cigarettes, but if you will look at the consumption level and the expense you will incur, e-cigarettes shows lesser cost, not to mention best deal of having to live free from health hazards brought by real cigarettes.

Having witnessed the down sides of every e-cigarette products, the designers of Provape were able to create a way better product that delivers what smokers are definitely looking for. Some of the best features of Provape is its lifetime warranty, safety features like time sensitive automatic shut off, thermal protection, safety monitoring and venting for better heat dissipation.

Provape advantages that many enjoys is that they can be smoked anywhere, it doesn’t have tar, tobacco, ash or smell; it looks, feels, and tastes like the real thing, definitely 75% cheaper than traditional cigarettes, and fast shipping.
Though Provape is just new in the game, they definitely left a good mark in the industry. Surely, they will be continuously improving their product.

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