Ways to quit smoking cigarettes. Main methods of quitting


Is there an easy way to quit smoking? To understand this question you need to analyze the main methods of quitting. In fact this is needed as quickly as possible, I think do not need reminding. All smokers are well aware of the dangers of smoking are not hearsay. Smoking causes many serious diseases, smoking is harmful and that says it all! Quitting smoking is possible and necessary, and here are some basic solutions to this problem.

1. The first method. Quit smoking on their own. Without medication and other means.

Several programs for smoking cessation.

Quit smoking immediately – the perfect solution for the strong and strong-willed people. To begin with the destruction of all stocks of cigarettes, throw out the ashtray and lighter. Very well the first time, minimize contact with smokers, avoid stressful situations. If you are man of his word and cherish their reputation might be said about his decision to his family or other important people for you. At the time of quitting, there are many free time that you can devote yourself to your health. Perfect means of maintaining commitment to quit smoking is to start playing sports especially running, after a few hundred meters you will feel the brunt of the addiction literally in your whole body. It is important to be able to escape, watch interesting movies to come up with a hobby. In the most critical moments is very good chewing gum, candy or a glass of cool water.

Program to phase out smoking.

Suitable for people who for one reason or another can not stop smoking immediately. This method is recommended for people with poor health or to smokers with a high degree of dependence. Here are some guidelines to help quit smoking gradually.

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Rule one. Try not to delay too much. This will significantly reduce the harm caused by smoking.

Rule Two: Only smoke 2 \ 3 cigarettes. Doctors believe that the first puff are less harmful than the next because nicotine and other combustion products are deposited in the tobacco and filter their concentration increases, respectively, and decreases damage dealt by a light smoker.

Rule Three. Buy cigarettes with low nicotine and tar.

Rule Four. Reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Determine the exact number of cigarettes you smoke a during the day. Strictly adhere to the plan, less can be possible!

Rule Five. Smoking only if you want very badly.

Rule Six. Do not smoke during intense stress and after a long time. For example while walking, after exercise or heavy work. During the intense breathing harmful substances into the most remote parts of the lungs and cause even greater harm.

Rule Seven. Do not smoke on an empty stomach and during the meal. Nicotine and other harmful substances mixed with saliva and infect the gastric mucosa.

Rule Eight. Many smokers do not communicate with people. Pay attention to how they live quietly without this habit, go about their business as they are free. Realize this!

Seek professional help. These features include acupuncture and hypnosis. The effectiveness of these funds can vary greatly depending on the professional. It can also be attributed to study the book Allen Carr’s “Easy Way to Stop Smoking.”

2. The second method. Nicotine replacement therapy. This method is based on the use of nicotine-containing. These include the following:

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Nicotine patch. This method is based on the ability of nicotine is gradually absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. You can buy patches with different nicotine content, different shape and duration of action. The patch must stick every time at different sites of healthy skin, this method is quite simple. Among the few drawbacks include the possibility of skin and the concentration of nicotine withdrawal for lack of a strong dependence. It is important to know what is not allowed the simultaneous use of the patch and smoking cigarettes.

Chewing gum with nicotine. During chewing the gum identifies nicotine, which together with saliva into the bloodstream. Pharmacies sell chewing gum with different content of active ingredient. Smoking cessation program can last up to 6 months. There contraindications to use for people suffering from a stomach ulcer. Excess doses can cause dizziness, nausea. Simultaneous use of nicotine gum and cigarette smoking is strictly prohibited.

Nicotine spray. The tool is similar in its effect with nicotine chewing gum. Nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream through the nasal mucosa. The use of nicotine spray may cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose.

The third way. Phyto products do not contain nicotine. This group includes the biologically active preparations based on extracts of various herbs, pills and tinctures. Unfortunately there is currently no reliable statistics on the effectiveness of these drugs.

Electronic smokeless cigarettes – one of the best ways to quit smoking, because they do not contain toxic resins and carcinogens.

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