Goodejuice vape liquid reviews coupon 5 10 off promo code free shipping is an online e-cig store. From Starter Kits to Atomizers, Goodejuice has a broad variety of products to make all of your e-cigarettes or (box mod) vaporizing needs. In fact, in e-juices alone, Goodejuice relies on over 3 different suppliers, plus its own, to offer you the ultimate, most compatible, enjoyable, and high caliber selection of e-juice selection possible! From Starter Kits to Atomizers, Goodejuice has a broad variety of products to make all of your e-cigarettes or (box mod) vaporizing needs. Read user reviews about Patriot, Wild Turkey, GJ4, Perique, Vita Bella, Kryptonite, RY4, Fire Cured, 555 Tobacco, American Tobacco, Apple Pie e-liquid juice flavors (taste, quality). e-cigarette e-juice 10% off sitewide coupon discount promo code August 2017:

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Starter kits available from also come in a wide variety of brands, styles, levels, and more. If you’re into MODS, cartomizers, and other vaping-projects then is sure to be capable of meeting any and all of your vaping needs. To top it all off, they also have an incredibly impressive selection of Clearance items from time to time, as newer product models develop.

Best E-juice flavors


Goodejuice has some of the most legitimate, good-tasting, cloud-producing, quality flavor and after-taste e-juices available on the market.

To start with, Wild Turkey is an awesome, natural blended e-juice extracted from real Turkish tobacco, and in turn due to its concentration level is only available in a 50/50 cut mix. Customers report this flavored e-juice to be, by far, the closest tasting tobacco-flavored e-juice available anywhere on the market, with a solid after-taste, and a premium—real tobacco produced—flavor.

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Patriot is another highly-favored e-juice available that is made from through the combination of at least 3 various tobacco blends, throughout Virginia all the way to Kentucky. If you’re seeking a natural-tasting tobacco flavored e-juice, with a hint of leather to pull it all together then this is the perfect flavor for you.

Combined with Burley, Vanilla, and Caramel, the GJ4 e-juice is by no means overpowering in its sweet sentiment, has a long-lasting flavor, and isn’t too overpowering in its taste nor clouds produced. Many customers associate this flavor as being one of the closest to a real, full flavored tobacco experience.

With no burn or chemical taste, Natural Perique e-juice is optimal in providing the ultimate, natural tobacco experience, fresh from Louisiana tobacco. Hookah and vape lovers get instantly hooked on this e-juice as being their one and all, whether it’s subtle or all day long-usage, it’s definitely at the top of our list of quality, full-flavored e-juices.

With great throat hits and vapor production, vita-bella is a nice, lighter solution to a fully bold tobacco type experience. This flavor is full-tasting right out of the box, and most users that try it once buy it forever.

With a caramel and vanilla after-taste, this smoky, natural-tobacco flavored e-juice is top of the line, and people that try Dekang’s RY4 are instantly hooked! With a slightly sweet-taste, it’s far from overbearing.

Goodejuice’s direct e-juices are American brand, and each unique in taste to its own separate creation. For those interested, 555, Apple Pie, and Blueberry are also are great flavors to try, and even cross combine for vaping.

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Two Goodejuice e-liquid flavors video review: Apple Rancher & Lemon Shake taste

Shipping Time

Goodejuice relies on USPS, or United States Postal Service, is closed for shipping on Wednesdays and Sundays, though typically processes orders within 24 hours for shipment. Tracking numbers are provided for every shipment, although insurance is required on orders of $250 or more, or upon request and payment of the customer.

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