Best standard and mini vari volt /wattage e-cig kit mod (APV)

Variable voltage/wattage e-cig MODs allow you to change the output voltage (3V to 6V) and to get the desired amount of vapor (smoke), regardless of the type of atomizer, cartomizers or any other vaporizer. This is a good choice for heavy smokers, because vari volt mods have long battery life and produce a lot of vapor.

Of the brands currently racing at the market, the best variable/wattage voltage e-cigarette mods: are:

Apollo Vtube mod
Apollo VTube

The Apollo VTube offers variable vaping power. You can experience vaping power from 3volts to 6volts. It is fairly easy to operate. With just a push of a few buttons, you can match your taste to the juice level. The product has been specifically designed for highly experienced smokers. On the copper or aluminum body of the product, there are a number of buttons with an LED screen. You can find the current voltage of the product on the screen. The buttons are used for activation, increasing voltage, decreasing voltage and powering up the device. There is a spring attached to the end of the battery slot to maintain the appropriate battery tension. Apollo VTube uses a 510 thread connection with a flat top high drain battery. The product also offers a battery charger, a leather case and a drip tip. There is a vented removable end cap on this device as well.

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Provari and Provari mini


The ProVari variable voltage e-cig has been a revolution in the world of electronic smoking. It clearly stands apart from its competitors with its unique blend of features. A built-in button set on the body allows you to know when your battery is running low on charge so that you do not deplete it. However, the vapor level remains the same no matter at what level your battery is. ProVari also allows the user to adjust the voltage level from 2.9 volts to 6.0 volts. It is controlled by a microprocessor. The unique thermal condition offered by ProVari automatically turns the device off if the high temperature is detected. However, once the temperature of the device cools down, you can get back to operating it normally. The ProVari uses only a single battery and thus, reduces the load you would have to carry along. Besides, it has specially designed circuits that help the device to boost your experience of vaping.

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Lavatube v2 e cig

LavaTube 2.0

This is another of the variable voltage e-cigs that you will have pleasure using. The kit offers a warm welcome to new users as it is very simple to use. It also comes with a limited warranty that lasts two months. However, damage from water or abuse is not covered by the warranty. There is also a very detail instruction manual for your operating convenience. The kit also contains a 5-ml juice box and it also has a gift box for the user. With just the push of a few buttons, you can set the device at the right heat as well as taste level for you. Features as such make it a hot favorite among the customers. The battery usually has long life. You can use it up to 24hours and then, only need to recharge it for a span of 3 to 5hours. Overall, the package is a must have for you if you are new to personal vaporizers.

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The eGo APV (VAMO) is  low-cost advanced personal vaporizer. It allows to adjust the voltage output and wattage. This mod features a 510/eGo connection.

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eGo C Twist vv kit
 Ego-C Twist

You will switch to variable voltage e-cigs,  Ego-C Twist is a good choice. The Ego-C twist is small in size which makes it easy to carry around. It also has a nice look and is very simple to use. However, the most unique feature of the product is that it provides the unique twist feature. Twisting the bottom cap enables the user to match the device to his taste. The only problem is that the device does not have a screen which displays the current voltage level of the product. But then again, at $20 to $30, it already provides the user more comfort than most of the rivals. Most of the devices used at 5volts with a display will cost you approximately $70 to $100. If you are not really interested in spending the hefty sum for vaping, Ego-C twist might just be your thing.

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 Joyetech eVIC VV Mod

One product which has had satisfactory reviews from people who have made the switch is Joyetech eVIC VV Mod which also stands for Vapor Intelligent Cigarette. It is a battery operated electronic cigarette which makes use of a rotating direction key and enter button that clicks. Depending on the level you want to vape, you can adjust the power output. It can be easily charged by the USB cable just like any gadget. You can let the computer or wall adaptor do the charging for you. One reason why it is called an intelligent vapor cigarette because its best feature is the adopting visual operating system which records and manages your vapor history so that you no longer have to switch settings every time you use it. The software records the information beginning from the first time you use it. It is a great way for you to start anytime you pick it up or you need a quick Vape. Another plus with the Joyetech eVIC VV Mod is that it can be assembled directly with different atomizers. The kit comes without an atomizer so you can choose the right one and the e-liquid you prefer. The kit comes with a rechargeable battery and the control head.

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Smoktech Gripper vv
 VV Gripper

The VV Gripper comes from the widely known Smoktech. It is for vapers who have a keen taste for flavor, looks and all. The stand alone unit of the product is available at an affordable price, $50. However, the package has much more to offer. The VV Gripper is extremely light in weight. You can practically carry it in your pocket. The device is made of plastic. You can find a LCD screen attached to the body that will give you a reading of the current voltage level at which the device is set. The body is rubberized and covered in matte. It gives a smooth feeling for the user to hold on. The device has 4buttons attached to the body to turn it on and off and increase or decrease the voltage level. Also, for the safety of the user, the VV Gripper comes with built-in short circuit protection and polarity protection. It has a higher battery drainage level than most of the e-cigs. This helps the device to have a longer battery life. Despite such features, the VV Gripper has some flaws. The battery case is very fragile. If you are casually handling it, it might break apart easily. Also the fact that you have to assemble both parts of the device to enjoy vaping, pushes it a little backwards in the race.

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Smoktech vmax variable voltage mod

SmokTech Vmax

Of all the vaporizers I have used, I place Vmax on top of my list. Vmax, just like the gripper, comes from SmokTech. It is one of the many variable voltage vaporizers produced by SmokTech. Vmax offers you variable voltage from 3volts up to 6volts. However, you can adjust the voltage level on a 0.1volt increment basis. It is threaded for use with most atomizers which makes it my personal favorite. There is a 5amp switch on the device. You can rotate the switch 360degrees if you ever need to. And that is how Vmax solves the problem of stuck switch. It is generally 4.3 inches long which makes it fairly portable. It also has a blue LED display. On the screen, you will be able to see atomizer resistance, battery remaining voltage and display output voltage. Compared to the other e-cigs, I have found this product to be much advanced. There is a 14-day warranty on the product itself. However, the warranty does not cover the atomizers and cartomizers.

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Smoktech ZMAX ecig mod

SmokTech Zmax

Zmax is the product that takes personal vaping to the next level. It gives you the option to adjust either your volts or your watts. You can adjust the power by adjusting the watts on you Zmax. For volts, it offers a range of 3.0volts to 6.0volts. For watts, it offers from 3.0 to 15.0 watts. The product comes with a maximum output of 4amps. Zmax offers you two different options to monitor the readings. You can use the general mode to get the standard reading. The RMS mode, on the other hand, will give you a more accurate reading. Under normal use, the product comes with a warranty of 90 days. However, there is a restriction about battery usage on this device. You should only use batteries that are recommended specifically for this device. It has its own set of batteries, tank and cartomizers. It also has a eGo type connector that allows the device to be used with a wide variety of cartomizers.

Other than the 7 e-cigs mentioned above, there are countless brands in the market. But if you are really looking to get the experience of the best personal vaping, you should choose from one of these seven. Such brands have taken the variable voltage vaping to a new level.

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