Halocigs.com G6 Triton eliquid reviews coupon 5 10 20 off free shipping code

Halocigs.com is a popular online vape store. They offers G6, Triton, Triton 2, Tracer, Tracer Twist, Reactor Shorty, Reactor Mini, Reactor Mega Kits, American Made quality e-liquids, Tanks, blank cartomizers, prefilled cartomizers, cases, drip tips, accessories. Are Halo ecigs safe, good or bad? Read e-liquid flavors taste, e-cigarette starter kits customer reviews about battery life, vapor production.

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Best e-liquid flavors


Halocigs is predominantly known for its premium grade vape juices. In fact, although many people might be hesitant or deterred by a premium e-juice or price line, it’s received incredibly positive reviews for premium vape juices that burn slowly, don’t have a burnt taste, are smooth, and produce substantial vape clouds. The majority of e-juices available are made in-house, and a perfect place to start is the Tribeca e-juice as it has a smooth, minty and menthol flavor, yet has an incredibly desirable hint of vanilla (after taste). Repeat customers say it’s refreshing, and well worth the investment of paying a few dollars more to really treat your taste buds. It includes a tobacco blend and taste as well, so combining it with other vape-juice flavors is not a necessity.

If you want to experience a cool, refreshing tropical taste and get some great vape clouds and a hint of menthol, then the Malibu e-liquid is a perfect direction to go. The pineapple and coconut infusion is sure to be a staple product for you after you experience it once. This flavor is pretty bold in itself, so 30 watts is the recommended setting to vape this one.

With a slightly sweet finish and an inarguably fine tobacco-flavor finish, Halos Freedom e-juice is definitely a frequent flyer for many vape enthusiasts. In fact, thanks to its premium grade taste, a higher nicotine level is not so necessary to enjoy this juice or produce large, vape clouds and solid throat hits. If you’re an old-fashion fan of camel-like cigarettes and the red bold taste, then this ones right up your alley.

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Lastly, a gourmet peppermint flavor, Kringles Curse e-liquid is a top of the line premium-flavor!

Producing simply awesome-tasting vape clouds full of mint, if this ones too full of menthol or mint for you, don’t give up, have a try at Halocigs’ Coolmist flavor, which is an even smoother and lighter balance.

Halo e-liquid juice flavors video review


Halo G6 starter kit video review


With two batteries and 5 cartomizers, the Halo G6 starter kit is an awesome beginner’s kit fit for nearly any and every e-cig need. The G6 is an awesome starter-kit, fresh out of its premium grade, well designed box. With a simple to charge USB-mechanism, it receives great feedback from loyal Halo customers, and is especially desirable thanks to the ordering option of selecting the included cartomizers with e-juice flavors.

If you’re looking for a comparable experience to a cigarette, then this is a great direction to go, as it’s similar in size, and the vape clouds are actually reportedly phenomenal in size and quality, considering it’s rather small overall shape and limited amount of e-juices internally. It’s easy to hold, use, charge, and refill which makes it quite the flexible product—and to top it all off it’s less than $50.

With mild throat-hits in comparison, this is a top selection as it produces much more powerful, larger, and longer throat hits and vape clouds when compared too much of the completion on the market!

With a removable rubberized tip, this e-cig is built for comfort, and unlike its competitors, is easily refilled via its cartomizers or by purchasing more, or new flavors.

With a slim design and cool variation of colors, this is definitely a first step in the right direction if you’re looking to get into, upgrade from, or get the most out of your e-cig and vaping experience. To top it all off, the battery lasts nearly all day, and with a backup the experience is improved so you can take it on the-go.

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With ThermoFlow and FlameGuard technology, you can expect the safest, most enjoyable vaping experience with the total G6 package.

Halo Triton starter kit review


The Triton Starter Kit is at the top of this markets line-up, as it easily lasts up to 48 hours with fairly frequent use, yet is extremely affordable at less than $30. Although packing only a 650 mAh battery, it’s evident that in addition to its solid build, the battery-power and usage of such is well-measured and designed to perform optimally with constant use without burning out or creating an otherwise lacking pleasurable experience.

Although by factory default the Triton packs a 2.4 ohm coil, it can be customized, upgraded, and changed by up to 4 various sub-ohming ‘friendly’ coils.

With the ability to choose variations of flavors and strengths makes the Triton quite desirable and competitive, especially in consideration of being seen as an upgrade to typical ‘e-cigs’. The Triton is a great, portable size, and produces very desirable clouds and throat hits in a broad variation of different selections and settings.

While the Triton comes with a 7ml bottle of (18mg) nicotine, it’s easily just as pleasurable at a lower level, or adjustable to get more heating and vape-action from the coils when changing the heads.

People love the Halo Triton because it’s compatible with its broad variety of various flavors and strengths, easily customizable cartomizers, atomizer heads, and more. Follow and enjoy a name brand that’s well trusted and reputable.

Halo has gone above and beyond to enhance the total Triton experience by making it possible to buy, order, and enjoy its various new, and older yet very reputable e-juices by providing cheap alternatives as sample packs to take your experience even further. Big clouds and a long-lasting battery, this one’s a no-brainer.

If you really enjoy the Triton, there’s also a double-pack available to lengthen and heighten your experience and taste-buds for only paying $25 more, so extend your power and vaping experience today and further explore the Triton products.

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