Halocigs.com G6 Triton eliquid reviews coupon 5 10 20 off free shipping code

Halocigs.com is a popular online vape store. They offers G6, Triton, Triton 2, Tracer, Tracer Twist, Reactor Shorty, Reactor Mini, Reactor Mega Kits, American Made quality e-liquids, Tanks, blank cartomizers, prefilled cartomizers, cases, drip tips, accessories. Are Halo ecigs safe, good or bad? Read e-liquid flavors taste, e-cigarette starter kits customer reviews about battery life, vapor production.

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Best e-liquid flavors


Halocigs is predominantly known for its premium grade vape juices. In fact, although many people might be hesitant or deterred by a premium e-juice or price line, it’s received incredibly positive reviews for premium vape juices that burn slowly, don’t have a burnt taste, are smooth, and produce substantial vape clouds. The majority of e-juices available are made in-house, and a perfect place to start is the Tribeca e-juice as it has a smooth, minty and menthol flavor, yet has an incredibly desirable hint of vanilla (after taste). Repeat customers say it’s refreshing, and well worth the investment of paying a few dollars more to really treat your taste buds. It includes a tobacco blend and taste as well, so combining it with other vape-juice flavors is not a necessity.

If you want to experience a cool, refreshing tropical taste and get some great vape clouds and a hint of menthol, then the Malibu e-liquid is a perfect direction to go. The pineapple and coconut infusion is sure to be a staple product for you after you experience it once. This flavor is pretty bold in itself, so 30 watts is the recommended setting to vape this one.

With a slightly sweet finish and an inarguably fine tobacco-flavor finish, Halos Freedom e-juice is definitely a frequent flyer for many vape enthusiasts. In fact, thanks to its premium grade taste, a higher nicotine level is not so necessary to enjoy this juice or produce large, vape clouds and solid throat hits. If you’re an old-fashion fan of camel-like cigarettes and the red bold taste, then this ones right up your alley.

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Lastly, a gourmet peppermint flavor, Kringles Curse e-liquid is a top of the line premium-flavor!

Producing simply awesome-tasting vape clouds full of mint, if this ones too full of menthol or mint for you, don’t give up, have a try at Halocigs’ Coolmist flavor, which is an even smoother and lighter balance.

Halo e-liquid juice flavors video review


Halo G6 starter kit video review


With two batteries and 5 cartomizers, the Halo G6 starter kit is an awesome beginner’s kit fit for nearly any and every e-cig need. The G6 is an awesome starter-kit, fresh out of its premium grade, well designed box. With a simple to charge USB-mechanism, it receives great feedback from loyal Halo customers, and is especially desirable thanks to the ordering option of selecting the included cartomizers with e-juice flavors.

If you’re looking for a comparable experience to a cigarette, then this is a great direction to go, as it’s similar in size, and the vape clouds are actually reportedly phenomenal in size and quality, considering it’s rather small overall shape and limited amount of e-juices internally. It’s easy to hold, use, charge, and refill which makes it quite the flexible product—and to top it all off it’s less than $50.

With mild throat-hits in comparison, this is a top selection as it produces much more powerful, larger, and longer throat hits and vape clouds when compared too much of the completion on the market!

With a removable rubberized tip, this e-cig is built for comfort, and unlike its competitors, is easily refilled via its cartomizers or by purchasing more, or new flavors.

With a slim design and cool variation of colors, this is definitely a first step in the right direction if you’re looking to get into, upgrade from, or get the most out of your e-cig and vaping experience. To top it all off, the battery lasts nearly all day, and with a backup the experience is improved so you can take it on the-go.

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With ThermoFlow and FlameGuard technology, you can expect the safest, most enjoyable vaping experience with the total G6 package.

Halo Triton starter kit review


The Triton Starter Kit is at the top of this markets line-up, as it easily lasts up to 48 hours with fairly frequent use, yet is extremely affordable at less than $30. Although packing only a 650 mAh battery, it’s evident that in addition to its solid build, the battery-power and usage of such is well-measured and designed to perform optimally with constant use without burning out or creating an otherwise lacking pleasurable experience.

Although by factory default the Triton packs a 2.4 ohm coil, it can be customized, upgraded, and changed by up to 4 various sub-ohming ‘friendly’ coils.

With the ability to choose variations of flavors and strengths makes the Triton quite desirable and competitive, especially in consideration of being seen as an upgrade to typical ‘e-cigs’. The Triton is a great, portable size, and produces very desirable clouds and throat hits in a broad variation of different selections and settings.

While the Triton comes with a 7ml bottle of (18mg) nicotine, it’s easily just as pleasurable at a lower level, or adjustable to get more heating and vape-action from the coils when changing the heads.

People love the Halo Triton because it’s compatible with its broad variety of various flavors and strengths, easily customizable cartomizers, atomizer heads, and more. Follow and enjoy a name brand that’s well trusted and reputable.

Halo has gone above and beyond to enhance the total Triton experience by making it possible to buy, order, and enjoy its various new, and older yet very reputable e-juices by providing cheap alternatives as sample packs to take your experience even further. Big clouds and a long-lasting battery, this one’s a no-brainer.

If you really enjoy the Triton, there’s also a double-pack available to lengthen and heighten your experience and taste-buds for only paying $25 more, so extend your power and vaping experience today and further explore the Triton products.

11 thoughts on “Halocigs.com G6 Triton eliquid reviews coupon 5 10 20 off free shipping code

  1. Adl

    The Halo G6 is a cigarette size battery and the look alike style was appealing when I started vaping, however what I have grown to appreciate about it is the portability. Even though I work in an office that permits vaping I dont like having a bulky stuff in my pockets so I keep 2 G6s in my shirt pocket when I head to work. Generally one G6 will last me through my lunchbreak and then I’ll switch to the second while the first is charging. The battery life averages about 4 hours for me. Often when I am using a new cartomizer the battery will last 6 or 7 hours for the first few days. The cartomizers hold 1ml of fluid which can last me half a day but I tend to top it them off with .25 ml a couple of times a day.

    The G6s come in a variety of colors the first one I ordered was black. What I have now is 4 different colors (black, blue, silver and demon red) and I rotate their usage and keep track of it by battery color. I have read the batteries will last for about 200 charges. I still have the black one that I ordered in Nov 2011 going strong.

    As far a flavor goes the G6 and the cartomizers really deliver on taste. I have tried some different types of ecigs and to me the G6 really shines here. Halo is popular for their fluids and it makes sense that they would offer this hardware because the flavor is never muted unless the cartomizer is reaching its end of life.

    For anyone curious about vaping or making the switch from smoking I recommend Halo’s G6 because of the quality, ease of use, customer service and because the fluid you try is equally as the hardware you select.

  2. Chiwen

    I went ahead and bought a g6 kit from halo. This was quite possibly the fastest shipping I’ve ever had from a vendor, it was on my door step 3 days after I ordered it, including the night I placed the order. The package it came in is just beautiful. Rather than a throw away box it came in a beautiful tin, with everything packed on real nice and tight, and boy do they pack alot in there. It comes with 2 batteries; color of your choice in manual or automatic, 5 prefilled cartos; your choice of flavor, 2 blank cartos, wall charger with a usb adapter and an instruction book that’s actually very detailed.

    The batteries themselves have a coating on them that give a very nice and soft rubbery/velvety feel to them. The units feel solid and well built without being overly heavy. I got the manual batteries for more control over my vaping, and the button only stands slightly above the battery and has a firm feeling when pressed and a satisfying click. The button is of the rubberized type, not the cheap plastic as seen on some other kits.

    The cartomizers seem well built. They are horizontal coil, hold the standard 1ml of liquid, and are available in lots of different colors, as well as different flavors or can be ordered blank for using your own juice. Instead of coming in a paper box that gets tossed they come in a clear plastic carrying case of 5, that’s so small you won’t even notice it in your pocket. This is a nice touch for obvious reasons.

    I ordered my kit with Halo’s Prime 15 juice. Now taste is subjective as we all know, and I’m hard to please. I wouldn’t say the juice is amazing, but it’s definitely good and I don’t mind vaping it at all. This juice, with the g6 batteries and Halo’s Carto, give off some serious clouds. The vapor production is high with nice thick blue clouds, decent throat hit and a warm/smooth inhale. The cartos heat up real nice.

    The G6 batteries seem to have some staying power too, despite their size, which has always been my pet peeve with this style of ecig. I’ve been having some bad cigarette withdrawals today, and I’ve pretty much been chain vaping the G6 all morning. I’m still on the first battery and it’s showing no signs of giving up yet, it’s still chugging along and helping me hold back my cravings. The other battery is still waiting on backup duty.

    Bottom Line:

    The G6 kit from HaloCigs is well built, feels and looks great and has some serious battery life without sacrificing it’s slim form. It comes in a nifty tin and everything inside is bundled tightly and securely. Make no mistake about it, they fit a lot into this little tin: 2 batteries, 7 cartomizers, a usb adapter, wall charger and an instruction book that actually gives useful instructions and tips. The cartomizers are packed in a plastic carrying case that I feel are an awesome touch/idea.

    Everything about Halo screams professional and quality, and they do so without breaking the bank, I know I definitely appreciate that. I’m extremely hard to please, and I’m the first to admit that. Maybe I just expect to much. Irregardless, Halo delivered, and I’m smoke free (hopefully for good this time).

  3. DanFromRioRancho

    I contacted Halo through their customer service link regarding a problem with a some pre-filled cartos — they responded via standard email within hours. With a regular email response in hand, I was able to echo back with photos attached. Appologies received from Halo and replacements put in mail same day. That’s pretty good!


    I have been searching for some time now for a great Coffee and a great Vanilla Juice. Cinder from Halo saw my many ads on here in my quest snd she made me sn amazing offer I couldn’t refuse. She asked me if I would like to try 1 or 2 of the Coffee juices Halo offers for free no strings if I would just agree to tell her exactly what I thought of it. It is AMAZING!!! It’s now my perfect coffee juice i have been searching for. It’s called Twisted java its the perfect blend of an awesome cup of coffee with just the right amount of minty peppermint. The very best thing is also that it’s a clear coffee juice! Now back to Halo now they have a permanent customer! She not only sent me a sample she sent me a 30ml Cobalt Blue Glass bottle of the Twisted Java! Now thats good marketing business! Keep up the good work Halo and Please for goodness sake don’t ever quit making this flavor. It took forever to find it and I truly don’t believe there is a better one out there.

  5. brian barlow

    im new to vaping and im currently using ecsmokes brand but im looking to possibly switch to a lower priced product for better value, Halos prices are much better then what im paying now but how is their Apple flavor??? has anyone tried it? I hate to spend money blindly especially in this economy but I am seriously thinking about switching brands. Thanks for any help. sincerely, Brian Barlow.

  6. Zire02

    Halo G6 Overview:

    1. Price – I dropped $80 to get started with Halo. That got me a starter kit, 12
    cartomizers and 42ml’s of Halo’s e-liquid. In my opinion, it was definitely
    worth it and still cheaper than what you’d pay for V2’s more complete kits.

    2. Battery – The batteries I got from Halo are amazing. I love having one
    manual and an automatic. After using them for a week, I have never
    noticed a decrease in vapor production, flavor or throat hit. I’m a huge fan
    of the rubberized finish and the overall quality is way above average.

    3. Charging – Halo suggests you charge each battery for approximately 8
    hours before initial use. After the initial charge, they are good to go and
    recharge just like any other KR808D-1 type battery.

    4. Cartomizers – Here is where Halo really shines for me. Their cartomizers
    are designed to last and never feel like they’re running on fumes. You get
    that satisfying fresh hit feeling with each drag. By refilling them with Halo’s
    premium e-liquid none of them have ran out or gone bad after a week of
    using them heavily. Vapor Production, Throat hit and Flavor are excellent
    in all regards and consistent. The flavors themselves: I absolutely love the
    Tribeca, which halo describes as having definitive tobacco undertones
    with a semi-sweet top note that is reminiscent of RY4 and other treasured
    tobacco blends. At first I didn’t know what RY4 meant until I looked it up,
    but it didn’t matter because it tastes amazing. I also enjoyed their Torque
    56, HX3 and Prime-15, but wasn’t a huge fan of Captain Jack or Midnight
    Apple which were unique.

    5. Customer Service – I asked halo about a question I had concerning their
    manual battery. VaporVal offered to have the battery replaced with no
    questions asked, and even provided free return shipping. I didn’t have to
    because the battery turned out to work just fine after a days use. Still, their
    dedication really shows.

    Overall:Halo is so far the best mini e-cig that I’ve tried. Initially I thought V2 was the premier e-cig for newbie vapers, but I’ve found a much more complete and satisfying experience with Halo.
    The “Infiniglow, flameguard and thermoflow” technology that they claim makes their e-cig top of the line is very noticeable. I get consistent, thick clouds of vapor from Halo and refilling the carts is a cinch. Their flavors are just amazing.

  7. Cave123

    Halo G6-

    The G6 has a very soft, rubberized coating that I really like. Their auto batteries could use a little more air flow but still are great. I am not sure why but their manual batteries have more air flow and I think others that have this kit would agree. Their manual batteries are awesome, the button is recessed preventing accidental activation when not in use. They do have a cut off which I am not to happy about but with the way these things preform you can get more than enough vapor in a 3-4 second drag (cut off is about 5 seconds I think). My only complaint is that once they get dirty there is no going back. I recommend getting a dark color because I have a white one and it has random marks on it and is discoloring quite fast. Another complaint I have is that unlike some other brands halo’s end caps are not really inserted in but rather glued on to the top. Their machine appears to not be very accurate in getting them on because both of my batteries end caps are off center so when taking a drag from certain angles you will be unable to see the LED but if you rotate the battery you can see the end cap coming off the end and clearly see the LED. This makes them feel of lesser quality with less attention to detail. Overall their batteries are great but as you can see I would like to point out all the bad in everything I use as well: 9/10 on their batteries!

    This is where I feel Halo shines. Their carts are just amazing. The end cap pops off very easily allowing for you to fill them with any juice you would like and the best part…THEY NEVER BURN. This was the main reason I wasn’t into vaping but once I tried halos carts it was a whole new world. No more burning polyfill. But of course…I do have a complaint, a very small one. Their end caps get pushed into the cartridge very easily making it so you have to use a paperclip to get it out. Solution: be careful to push it in…. They also have many different colors for their carts and some LR carts that change the flavor a bit when used. They also have their mini tanks which are awesome but they are not branded with their G6 logo which I found strange. Their flavors are actually very unique, complex, and it seems they put a lot of thought into them. The throat hit is great and the quality is outstanding. You can really taste the quality of their ingredients.

    Halo’s prices are great in regards to their extras. I paid only $10 for a carrying case which far exceeds the quality of anything V2 would even consider selling. They also have a PCC which looks great. I can tell it is made in some random factory where they are making these same PCC’s and just re branding them since there are quite a few companies that sell it. Great prices though! Their charger is great, the mini wall adapter is unique and the case that the G6 comes in is just great, nothing like it. Everything fits perfect and its a very nice quality. For only $45 you get this kit in this amazing case…WE ARE ROBBING HALO!!! Seriously though..you can’t go wrong with this.

    I would highly recommend Halo to anyone considering a cig-a-like. You have the flexibility of filling their amazing carts with any liquid from any supplier. Their prices are great! I really have no complaints about the performance of their kit…which coming from me means a lot.

  8. Standpoint

    I know Halo gets plenty of positive reviews, but I had to state how happy I was with a starter package I bought for a friend from Halo. I ordered the Friday of a Holiday weekend, and received Tuesday the next week, super fast shipping (during a busy period, too, with a sale going on). Ordered a G6 starter kit in black, with a tobacco sampler pack, and a cig case, as well as extra cartos. I have ordered other sampler packs before, and really think it is a nice neat package for someone starting, and gives 6 distinct flavors for someone who is new to vaping to try. The batteries and stuff came in a very nice case, which is a touch many companies lack. It has a ‘puffy’ texture of sorts, presents quality. The cartos came in a nice plastic holder, which I know is very useful later on. The entire setup I purchased for a friend is a great setup for someone starting out vaping, on sale it was only about $80, but gives a lot of value and longevity for the money.

  9. Susan

    I have yet to try all of Halo’s juices. I myself am partial to Twisted Java and Kringle’s Curse. I like their Cafe Mocha and Belgium Cocoa too.

  10. zxcv

    I used the triton series for 6 months or so. Still use them once in a while. Good quality for ego style batteries and tanks. They never failed me.

    I now mostly use Nautilus on top of various batteries with Halo eliquid. I think they’re solid. They tested their liquids with an independent company and they came back safe. Take that as you will, but I like them.

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