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Volcanoecigs.com is a popular electronic cigarette and e-liquid online shop. They offer different e-cig kits: The Lavatube V2.5, INFERNO starter kit, eGo AIO kits, Kanger SubVod, Kanger Subox Nano kits, LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod, Eleaf iStick TC 40W, Tesla Two Sub Mod 4000mAh, Eleaf iStick 100W, Tesla 80W TC Box Mod, Joyetech eVic VTC Mini and other; tubetanks, re-fillable clearomizers, drip atomizers, blank cartomizers, tankomizer, drip tips, car chargers, lanyards, atomizer cones, cases. Don’t forget to leave comment if you use their products. Read user reviews about e-cigarette battery life, vapor production, pros and cons, health, side effects, problems, best e-liquid juice flavors.

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Best Volcanoecigs.com e-liquid flavors


The menthol burst is described as an icy, menthol to wintergreen-like burst of cool and iciness combined, leaving you very satisfied and providing menthol throat hits commonly associated with previous experiences. Combine this e-vape juice with one of many other popular flavors, such as Bluewater or Pineapple Punch and really send your taste buds into a tail-spin.

The Tobacco Pure is another very popular, commonly purchased flavor from Volcanoecig’s, as it is very bold in flavor, and is actually created from real tobacco extract. This, in combination with being made from real dried raisins, roasted almonds, and cloves will give you the ultimate full-flavored experience.

A lot of people vape this e-juice flavor on its own, as it holds such strong similarities to the taste of analog cigarettes. Are you looking to really spice things up with your e-juice vaping experience? Then give Volcanoecig’s Red Hot Lava full flavored, boldness and spicy kicker a full-fledged chance at giving you the spicy, cinnamon backed vaping experience you’ve been wondering for. This is not a vape juice to be taken lightly, and should be consumed slowly, as well as mixed with other flavors to ‘cut’ it the first few times if it seems necessary or beneficial to newer vape-enthusiasts.

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The Lavatube V2.5 review

lavatube 2.5 e-cig review

The Volcano Lavatube vaping box-mod kits were originally created and distributed in Hawaii, previously known as Magma, and an offset of the Inferno product. Lavatube was developed and continues to be updated and reproduced with advanced features, settings, components, accessibility, and accessories.

If you’re looking for a stylish, reputable, and consistent box-mod vaporizer then the Lavatube v2.5 Kit is an awesome selection, and includes a large package of accessories that easily out values the price alone.

The Lavatube v2.5 includes an upgraded chipset, including 6 volts and 15 watts of power that you can easily adjust directly on the device with ease and swift maneuvering for the best vaping experience.

Coming in 10 various color-themes, the Lavatube v2.5 Kit comes with everything you need from a charger, to test-juices, a 18650 high performance battery of 1600mAh, and a corresponding case. The specific power-setup and features included with the Lavatube v2.5 are a XTAR WPZ II Multi-Charger, and its internal heating element.

The Lavatube v2.5 kit comes with a warranty, and for less than $150 dollars this is definitely a great deal, is reported to consistently provide the same, desirable level ‘throat-hits’ through its various juices, holds a charge well, and has a very easy to use and appealing Blue LCD screen with notifications, and power settings viewable anytime.

LAVABOX DNA 200 Starter Kit review


The LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod Vaporizer is modern, sleek, and built with premium grade materials.

Given its exchangeable all-around grips, aluminum alloy build, and cell by cell battery monitoring and optimization, VOLCANO shows its true colors in this product and goes above and beyond in providing only the best parts and devices.

Powered by an output of up to 200 watts, along with an internal 1A balanced charger, your vaping experience is totally customizable, adjustable, and optimal in any setting.

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To top it all off, the DNA 200 even comes with updatable firmware, which means after investing money into this premium grade vaporizer you don’t have to worry about short-term inadequacies or pitfalls, keeping this modern, durable, and reliable vaporizer around for years to come.

Prospective customers might assume that a $200 price-tag is a bit pricey, but considering this kit includes literally anything and everything you will need to get started vaping, including 15ml of Premium VOLCANO e-liquid, you’re definitely getting a big return of your investment by trusting and doing business with one of the most reputable mod box and e-cigarette to vaporizer dealers known to man! Consumers report a sturdy device, with average sized clouds, and a less than miniscule infrequency of actual box mod tank leakage in very few instances.

Video review:


INFERNO Complete Starter e-cig Kit review


The VOLCANO INFERNO Starter Kit continues to receive awesome reviews for being a top of the line product and kit to purchase if you’re serious about kicking off or getting the most out of your e-juice vaping experience.

VOLCANO has been a competitor in this market nearly since the beginning, and in turn has understandably adapted to the modern market and e-vaping devices and box-mods per what’s most popular and efficient for consumers.

The INFERNO in particular comes with two batteries, one a 900 mAh pass-through and the other a 650 mAh, so you really get to customize your power, voltage, and consistency of performance of this box mod no matter where you go—or when! Even better, the INFERNO box mod allows you to vape while it’s charging—which is always of course a very nice luxury to have.

VOLCANO includes everything necessary to get started right out of the box; a wall charger, USB cables, 3 extra 1.8 coils, and a FREE 15ml e-juice of your choice! (If no selection is made, they’ll ship full (bold) flavored tobacco e-juice to you by default).

If you’re serious about enjoying your vaping experience, having easy access and compatibility with popular e-juices and other interchangeable flexibility, and having a product that will last days on a charge, then the INFERNO is a perfect fit for you.

7 thoughts on “Volcanoecigs user reviews ECF coupon 10 20 30 off code US UK free shipping

  1. Eric

    Lava Tube is the first product where I feel like you get more than you pay for. I purchased this without batteries or extra’s for 45 bucks. It does what the ProVari does. Its cheaper, lighter, less elegant, craftsmanship isn’t as good in general and I absolutely love it. It has the protection aspects of the ProVari which are nice. This unit will not throw errors but will automatically adjust itself if your over volting (which I do not actually like) but doesn’t change the voltage on the display. I purchased this to go in my work truck with me as I didn’t want my ProVari to get stolen as it’s 3x the cost. I’m happy I did. This unit is a steal.

  2. KilaKhronik

    This is my third day using the Inferno, and I must say I am very impressed. I charged it yesterday morning, and I’m using it right now. The battery life is incredible. (Basically its an Ego) It is still hitting like it’s on a full charge, and I don’t know how much an average vapor vapes, but I’ve been vaping with it a ton. I plan on using it till it runs dead just to get an idea of the full battery life. I got the liquid Blue Water Punch, and its absolutely superb. It has the distinct flavor of blue raspberry frozen otter pops. The flavor itself seems almost hidden though, like you get the taste of vapor first, and you fully taste it at the end of your exhale. Right at the end there is a taste of the explosion of a bunch of flavors of candy, and the aftertaste is comparable to a watermelon flavor. I love it.

    There are two main reasons I love this inferno.
    The first is the throat hit. The 7-11 one was ok, and it got me by without analogs, but the biggest challenge was that of that back of the throat feeling. That feeling you get in the back of your throat when you haven’t had a cigarette in a while, that’s comparable to thirst you have to quench when you haven’t had a glass of water all day. The throat hit of the inferno is deep, strong, and satisfying. More so then I could imagine if someone just told me about it. All my friends who have tried it cough because its almost to strong. Ifs just right for me. The amount of vapor it emits is also noteworthy. It’s thick and rich.

    The other major improvement is the liquid itself. The 7-11 one would just give me this pharmaceutical drug feel. Like I was intaking pure chemical. The taste and the feeling just were terrible. I’d take one drag and I was done, it would give me headaches, make me feel weird, and just otherwise make me want an analog smoke.
    I know that an overdose of nicotine causes headaches and is generally unpleasant, but that was not the case. I even bought low doses.

    Volcano’s liquid is incredible. There is no awful taste, it seems pure, and when I smoke it I get my “fix”. No headache no nausea. No weirdness it just takes away the craving. It truly satisfies.

    I’m very excited to know I really will be able to quit analogs, and enjoy it, with something a little bit fun and comparably perhaps better.

    Other things I’d like to mention,

    One battery is 1000 mh (I believe) and its the standard one.
    The other is a shorter battery which supports a USB pass through, where you unscrew the end of the battery to plug in a usb connection to vape while you charge. Very cool, unfortunately I will not get to try this as the battery volcano sent me is bunk. It is fully charged but does not work.

    The atomizer is starting to taste a bit bad but once I learn how to clean it it should be fine.

    One thing I will be getting in the future is a battery cover, highly recommended if you want to walk around with it in your pocket.
    Also get a needle tip for added convenience if you drip.

    Lastly ill talk about cosmetics. I got the fire red version I believe. Very simply, very impressed. It has a very simple design on it that you have to be in a well lit room to see. The red is a beautiful blood color, and when shown in light, the shiny glare seems to almost give It different shades of red. It is very classy.

    I recommend it, I love it.

  3. StarreLabelle

    I did order Volcano Chocanila Haze, and I really like it. It’s chocolate, vanilla, and a Nutella flavor, but isn’t a coil clogger. The eliquid is very light colored for a flavor in this category. I’m glad I ordered it.

  4. Dave

    I bought Inferno kit and I love it. I noticed though it spits with PG dominant liquids. Keep it at a 50/50 blend or VG dominant and it wil not spit into your mouth piece.

  5. Qman

    I bought my Lavabox from a Volcano kiosk about a week and a half ago. I can’t put it down, absolutely love it. The wall adapter says 5V @ 1A, not a 2 amp charger but the device does support it. Works great with my 3.1A 4 port usb wall adapter I plug it into before bed.

    it is bigger than a sub box mini, not excessively huge though. As someone who doesn’t like bulky mods it was a tough decision between this and the VTC mini. I already own a vt though and hate how buggy it is. Weight wise, it is about as heavy as a istick 50w. One thing that is nice about the size however it that it is really hard to accidentally knock over.

    The profile tabs are great for running multiple different wire material or hybrid wire setups. For instance, I have a goblin mini with dual 28g nickel coils @ .04 ohms and a .12 ohm twisted 28g kanthal/nickel hybrid on my Subtank Mini, the Goblin using the std ni200 profile and the hybrid using a csv file provided by steam-engine. In the mail I have some 49 strand Beadalon 304ss 26g wire and normal 26g 316l stainless to experiment with. There are premade profiles off steam-engine for different materials and you can always create a custom csv file for mixing wires. I did some minor customization to prevent some annoyances that come on the stock software such as the flashing “temp protected” screen and changing 5x click to lock to 3x click to lock. Other than all of that, the DNA200 is almost perfect. When running in temp mode I wish I could just click the up/down buttons to change temp instead of setting my power limit.

    1. Darlene Shimabukuro

      Again the convenience of having my ecig on hand w/out searching for a lighter or the smelly cigarette smoke on your entire body & clothes & lastly the cost which is a savings for me.

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