How to Use a Hookah: 7 Tips for First Time Smokers

Person Smoking Using Hookah

Did you know, hookah is a 400-year-old tradition?

If you haven’t tried the water pipe that originated in India, it’s worth giving it a try now! There are a variety of flavors and it’s a fun pastime on nights out with friends.

However, make sure you’re with someone experienced or that you’ve read some useful tips before your first time. It can be easy to get it wrong and may result in some trouble or lungfuls of acrid smoke.

If you’ve always wanted to try shisha, check out these useful tips for how to use a hookah! 

1. Eat Before You Smoke

Amazingly, 2.6 million Americans smoke hookah every year and it is now one of the most popular tobacco products in the country.

When you smoke for the first time, don’t go in with an empty stomach! Grab some filling food and avoid drinking too much alcohol.

By doing this, you’ll reduce the risk of feeling sick after you smoke. But, you will also find that smoking shisha will reduce your appetite so you won’t feel hungry once you get started!

2. Start With Some Ice

This unique way of smoking may result in difficulty breathing when you first take a drag. 

Hookah is made up of a head that holds tobacco, hose, mouthpiece, and a body. Focus your attention on the chamber which is filled with water.

To make smoking as easy as possible, add ice cubes to this water or make sure it’s very cold. 

This ice in your base will result in a smoother inhalation. There are two methods for smoking, either completely inhale into your lungs or simply hold it in your mouth.

Everyone is different but a little ice will go a long way in making your first time smoking shisha easier.

2. Ask For Help From the Professionals 

Make sure you visit a hookah bar that has a good reputation amongst smokers. This way you can ask for help or tips if necessary and ensure you’re not having to do everything yourself.

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Don’t try to pack a bowl on your first time smoking. But, do watch what the pros are doing closely so you can pick it up quickly.

Friendly staff or smokers will help you gain confidence. Not only will they make sure you’re properly set up, but they’ll have the patience to show you what to do. This is invaluable on your first time smoking.

3. Choose Your Shisha

Ask for some advice when choosing your shisha. This is made from tobacco and fruit or herbs. Apple and mint are very refreshing, popular flavors.

Starting with a fruitier flavor is also the best option for those who haven’t smoked shisha before as it will help ease you in. Check out the best hookah flavors, here.

Remember, shisha is very addictive and may cause ill health effects, so don’t overdo it on your first time. You will be smoking for around an hour, so don’t choose something sickly that you won’t like after ten minutes.

4. Don’t Share a Mouth Piece With Strangers

We’ve all heard the scaremongering that you can catch illnesses from sharing drinks with others. Sadly, it’s true

This is no different for a mouthpiece of a hookah. If you’re a germophobe, there’s no way you’d want to share a mouthpiece anyway!

All you need to do is ask for your own mouthpiece and you can slip it on and off again to keep things hygienic.

Don’t feel embarrassed about asking for this, it’s completely normal if you’re sharing with friends or people you don’t know very well. 

5. Start off Slow

When taking your first drag, simply breathe as you normally would and don’t hit it too hard. All you need to do is take the smoke in, hold it in your mouth and release it. 

Then, move onto inhaling it fully. Always take a break in between smoking so that you can catch your breathe and gauge how you feel. 

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Make sure you’re feeling chilled and relaxed for the best hookah experience. Have a few drinks and chat with your friends. It should be an enjoyable experience and not a rushed one.

6. Never Smoke at the Same Time

Did you know, Drake is a fan of shisha? If you’re in LA, you may see him in the trendiest hookah lounges. Although he smokes regularly with friends, you’ll never see him smoke at the same time as someone else.

If two people pull from the same hookah on different hoses, the result is very unsatisfying. 

Make sure you smoke separately to ensure the coals don’t run too hot and ruin the flavor and hit. 

7. Buy Your Own Hookah Pipe

After trying out hookah, you’ll want to buy your own pipe. With this, there comes a lot more responsibility and a lot to learn! 

It will cost you around $200 to get started with the equipment but after that, you can enjoy endless smoking at a cheaper cost. 

Look for a small-sized hookah to start with and choose a washable hose so you don’t have to pay to constantly replace it. 

Next, choose a clay bowl from a local brand so you can reduce the carbon footprint of your smoking. And, finally, purchase coconut coals! You’ll need to make sure these are fully alight to enjoy your smoke. 

Consider buying tobacco from your favorite hookah lounge or simply get it online. Then, you’re all set up and ready to invite friends over. 

Wondering How to Use a Hookah? Get Stuck In!

If you’ve recently started smoking shisha, it’s likely that you’re already hooked. But, if you don’t yet know how to use a hookah, then speaking to people at your favorite hookah lounge is the best thing to do!

Once you’ve got to grips with the process, you’ll be able to teach others how to smoke too. 

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