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Jacvapour.com is an online e-cigarette e-liquid juice store since 2010. This is one of the top 10 biggest e-cigarette retailers online. This company also have two retail stores in Edinburgh and Leeds. They offer e-cigarette kits: SERIES-B TILT bod mod, SMOK Prospect Pipe Mech Mod Kit, SMOK Magneto 3 Telescopic Mech Mod Kit, JAC 510 starter kits, basic kit, social starter kit, SERIES-E Stainless Steel Aero Kit, V1P PCC Kit, SERIES-E Geni Aero Kit, SERIES-E Basic Starter Kit; clear tanks, cartomizers, tanks, chargers, cases.

Best e-liquid flavors

Between Standard and UK-made Jackvapour liquids, the broad selection to meet nearly anyones taste-buds becomes apparent through their selection.

Standard Apple, Chocolate, and Cherry flavors are some of the most popular e-juice selections. Chocolate and Cherry together are reported to be an extraordinary tasty combination, similar to a chocolate cake with cherries on top. The apple flavor is not overbearing nor bitter, and actually gives off a quite fruitful taste. Each of these are PG e-juices.

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The Chocolate is reported to taste like milk-chocolate or even a chocolate-shake. Combining this with some of their more popular coffee flavors make for the ultimate – chocolate coffee – experience. Users also report nice mixability by adding a small percentage of Mint flavored e-juice to the combination – giving that chocolatey mint experience.

A lot of the UK-made e-liquids by Jackvapour are some of the most both unique and popular. From Vanilla shake to Bubblegum, customers report these e-juices to be true to their taste – and a burst of berryful, fruity, or bubbalicious-like flavor. Unique flavors like Smooth Cigar and Real tobacco are also some of Jackvapour’s most popular e-juices, again true to their taste and a deight to vape on all day long, or as little as you’d like. Lastly, consider combining the Spearmint flavored e-juice with one of the coffee flavored e-juices for a mint-coffee experience.

SERIES-E Stainless Steel Aero Kit


If you’re seeking a variable-voltage, long-lasting superior battery powered vaporizer, then Series-E Stainless Steel Aero is the way to go. This Steel-built Aero Series E Stainless Steel vaporizer is reported by customers to consistently function ‘like clockwork’ for months – many years to come.

As with any vape products of this build, it’s especially important to take careful care of the coils. Customers have reported the smallest drops causing bending or even destroying the coils. While not the most costly, this is definitely an inconvenience, and no one wants to be left waiting for replacement parts to get to their next vaping session.

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Customers report that the Series-E Steel Aero has a nice, molded custom fit to most hand-sizes, with a durable feel, and a non-slip build.

Some customers have reported the aero-tank failing or getting clogged. However, for most, this just simply reiterates the importance of maintaining and replacing as necessary critical parts of your vaporizer, such as coils, the aero-tank, or damaged and cracked parts from abuse or accident such as the atomizer head itself.

Lastly, customers are especially satisfied with the Series-E Stainless Steel Aero because it’s compatible with many “fancier” or higher VG liquids – as PG liquids have their share of lapses in quality, and are not a best-fit for every vaporizer model available on the market.


One thought on “Jacvapour Series S B E V3I EGO liquid coupon 15 20 25 30 off free shipping

  1. Muffy14

    I recently won the giveaway from JAC Vapour for their 40 watt series B tilt mod, and figured I’d throw up a quick review. First off though, just want to thank JAC for the giveaway, the quick shipping, and for how easy they made the whole process.

    The mod came in about a week ago, and I’ve been using it pretty much nonstop since I got it. For background info, I’ve been using it with an Atlantis V2, with 0.5 ohm coils, using various juices from 63maui, all 70VG, 3 mg.

    Feel: This things an odd little mod, and its surprisingly small, about half the size of the MVP 3.0, for comparison. The odd shape fits perfectly in my hand, feels very smooth. Its got a good weight too it. A little dense for the size, but it feels right. The battery cover on the back is magnetic, and I havent had any problems with it. Really snug fit, never have to worry about it falling off. The big thing with it though is definitely the tilted, spring loaded 510 connector. I was a little hesistant about it at first, but it really is just super ergonomic. There’s something satisfying about not having to tilt the mod to reach the atomizer, just hold it straight up to your mouth and the atty’s right there. Overall, great design all around.

    Performance: The Series-B Tilt 40 W runs off of a single 18650 battery. I’ve been using a 3000mAh 18650 in it, and the charge is consistent and lasts a full day. On days when I’m really slammin on it consistently, the battery might quit out on me. But even then, thats at least near the end of my day. It also has a USB charger on the bottom which I’ve been exclusively using for on-the-go charging, and that seems to work well in my limited experience. Its got a pretty simple layout, power button, plus and minus buttons, and a basic screen. All the buttons feel strong and defined when pressed, they seem very well made. Its got VV/VW modes, and can power anywhere from 0-40 W. I’ve been keeping it in the 30-40 range and I’ve been very satisfied with its performance. Pushes out consistent power, and every hit feels the same. Good consistency. Only problem I’ve had is that it will occasionally read “NO TANK” when I reattach the Atlantis, but I just unscrew it and reattach again and everythings fine.

    Overall, this things a great little mod. If you’re looking for something with mid-range power, I’d highly recommend it. Great design, appearance, battery-life, and performance all around. Very few errors with it so far. Big shoutout to JAC Vapours for this awesome mod. 9/10

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