Joyetech eGo C Twist vv kit review (battery life, flavors, vapor, faq). Best price for this e cig

eGo C Twist vv kit

Joye Tech is getting its name higher in the field of variable voltage cigarettes. It started with the ego-C and ego-C type B and now the legacy continues with the Ego C Twist battery. This product of Joye is a bit small no doubt. For those who look for flexibility in their purchase and product, this is the right one for them. The Ego C twist has some subtle differences. The battery of the Ego C twist lasts longer than other Ego products. The battery is now available in different capacities as well (1000mah and 650mah). The bottom cap of the E-Cig is different than normal ones.

The Twist has a five click on off system and has a volt meter to measure up the voltage at the lower side of the battery and the cap. One amazing thing that I have noticed is, it allows to adjust voltage from 3.5 to 4.8 V. Its battery is at 3.7 volts. The voltage thing needs to be adjusted by twisting the product. This product has a decent battery life and it accommodates features of a variable voltage cigarette within a small price starting from 25.99$ so it is a nifty deal.

The device is easily adjustable and gives you constant volts as output. But it cannot compare to provari. The fact that it cannot operate dual customizers in the highest volt settings drops it down. The bolts will get down to 3.7 even if you set it to the highest. But it maintains a certain voltage even if you forget to reset it. You will not find LED readout to assist you in operating. This is good in another way. Had there been LED readout, then the price of the product would have been higher. So it is still a good deal.

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There is no USB charging facility in this product. To add to its cons I must say the markings on the volt meter only make the figures difficult to read most of the times. I’d give the product 7 out of 10 though.

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