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LitecigUSA has a strong reputation for processing orders quickly, having very proactive and friendly customer service, all accompanied by or linked with very tasteful vaping flavors.

LitecigUSA is seemingly well known for its tobacco-flavored juices in general, especially it’s Cohiba Cigar flavor. The Cohiba Cigar flavor vape juice has a bold, nice tobacco kick to it—while some describe it as having an impartial cigar taste to it as well! If you’re more into sweets, LitecigUSA has a very smooth, sweet, and enjoyable Bubblegum flavor vape juice by ‘Flavorz by Joe’.

If you seek more of a mint-like flavored boost, then CoolPort by ‘Flavorz by Joe’ is a nice choice, although not overly menthol-like in flavor or comparable to Newport’s for example. It is however, a nice start and direction towards minty or wintergreen-like flavoring of vape juice along with a tobacco feel to it. Also, the harshness of the clouds and pulls on this flavor are not too strong.

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If you’re more into ‘goodies’ and looking for an especially sweet treat, then Doughnut Pounder by EpiClouds is an awesome flavor to vape, has very good feedback, and has the doughy, sweet compounds and taste that are clean and distinct enough to really taste like sweet and creamy flavorful donuts.

If you like exotic, Caribbean fruits and are looking to get your feet wet, then the Glacier Banana by EpiClouds vape juice is an awesome place to start! It comes with a lighter, sweet tasting banana initial-flavoring, and as you exhale the clouds has more of a ‘cooling’, though less menthol per say taste or ‘hit’.


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