Luci electronic cigarette (e-cig, e-cigarette) reviews (battery life, problems, flavors)

Luci is a 3-piece smokeless cigarette (e-cigarette). It consist of: atomizer, lithium ion battery, flavored cartridge. The benefits of Luci e-cigarette are that it contains no tar or burning substances.

Luci electronic smokeless cigarette starter kit

Luci Basic Starter Kit includes: atomizer, 2 lithium-ion batteries, home charging kit, 5 flavored cartridges.

Luci e-cigarette flavors: Menthol, Coffee, Cherry, Full-Flavor.

Nicotine Levels: None, Medium, High

Luci promotional coupon/coupon code: electroniccigs ($5 off Luci Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits)

– Lifetime atomizer warranty

– 30 day moneyback guarantee

LED Color: red

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