Are smokeless electronic cigarettes really safe or dangerous? Harmful? Bad for you?


Are smokeless electronic cigarettes really safe or dangerous? Harmful? Bad for you? Better for you? Are you asking yourself:  “Are smokeless electronic cigarettes really  safe? Harmful? Bad for you? Better for you?”

New Scientist journalist Helen Thompson devoted her reporting to  the  gaining popularity in Western countries of the electronic  cigarette.  Where society is becoming increasingly intolerant of  smoking in  public places, the new cigarettes, based on the principle  of the inhaler  until it is forbidden to use, including in bars and restaurants. Scientists, meanwhile exploring: whether, as claimed by manufacturers, these new cigarettes are safer for health and can even help get rid of nicotine addiction?

Electronic cigarettes were invented by Chinese scientists on behalf of Hon Lik, working in the electronics company in Beijing, Ruyan, says Thomson. The first samples were on sale in May 2004 and since then their popularity is growing. So, according to Ruyan, in 2008 the company managed to sell about 300,000 packs of the electronic cigarette. According to the representative of the British distributor of Smart Smokers, sales are soaring. In the U.S. the popular TV show The Doctors in the past year, noted this novelty as one of the ten most important trends of the year in health care.

In itself, the device is simple and contentment in appearance resembles a normal cigarette, but there most is not tobacco, but the battery and the LED, which lights up red and simulates the burning cigarette, said a journalist. In the filter cartridge contains as much nicotine as in a conventional cigarette, the only difference is that the electronic cigarette is enough for an average of three hundred cigarettes – during the smoking pressure is created launches sensors in a “filter”, which there is evaporated gaseous nicotine. Therefore, considered that these cigarettes are not dangerous in terms of passive smoking. It is also reported that the cost of the replacement filter is 1.5 dollars.

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Nevertheless, even the most powerful cartridge can breathe three times less nicotine than regular smoking, according to the New Zealand scientist Murray Logs. He has since 2007 supported by WHO (World Health Organization) and the company is studying the impact of Ruyan smokeless electronic cigarettes on the human body. In general, preliminary results are positive:  if the nicotine extracted from tobacco is not, then there is practically no carcinogens. Nevertheless, in September last year, the WHO urged to ban electronic cigarettes until until proven to be safe for health. It is reported that the reaction to some of the sellers ads:  they argued that WHO has endorsed these cigarettes as to get rid of dependence.

Smokeless Electronic Cigarette Alternative to Real Cigarette!

3 thoughts on “Are smokeless electronic cigarettes really safe or dangerous? Harmful? Bad for you?

  1. DSGR

    Yes vaping does help quit smoking and surprisingly helped me quit. Does it help EVERYONE quit? No. I want everyone to know it won’t magically help you quit smoking I’ve seen people go back to cigarettes (very stupid people). The key thing to quitting smoking with vaping is ALOT of will power to quit. I stopped smoking 3 years ago thanks to vaping, I did smoke some cigarettes occasionally but after a lonnng period of time with only vaping, I never smoked again because cigarettes become really nasty when you spend time away from it.

  2. Jordan19

    Nobody can still say how harmful they actually are. Besides, it will be very hard to conclude anything. Most tobacco companies hate this, since they’re losing a lot of money and are willing to waste a shitload of money to create fake information to scare people away from using them. In my opinion, they seem healthier than normal cigars. But the best option is to not be addicted to any 🙂

  3. Givup

    Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. Electronic cigarettes consequently represent a safer alternative to cigarettes for smokers who are unable or unwilling to stop using nicotine.

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