Most popular e-cig starter kits MODs APVs models list

There are a plenty of different e-cigarette models on the market. What is the best electronic cigarette? It can be difficult to choose the best one, if you’re a starter. We did a lot of research to pick the most realistic, effective, durable, reliable e-cig kits, e-cigs, which produce a lot of vapor and have long battery life. On this website you can read customer reviews on best e-cigarette models, kits, mods, personal vaporizers, APV’s and e-juice brands.

In any industry, it takes years and years of practice and enhancement of product before one can get on top. The first consideration of any business should be their target market; this will say much about their performance and their return of investments. When we talk about the Tobacco industry, it is expected that most business in this category indeed earned ridiculous revenues. But as we speak, though their sales performance is still up, another industry is taking the markets by storm. The E-cigarette industry indeed made a significant mark in the market since it was born because of its health benefits mostly. Their innovation gave smokers a reason to stop without completely having to give it up. Now e-cigarettes became a growing craze among the young and the old. Imagine how huge their market would be, but this business somehow threatens the Tobacco industry because not too long in the future, their potential of swiping the latter out of the business is close to possible. Let’s know more about this e-cigarette and the different brand names that made it on the list of best e-cigarette brands in the industry.

Most popular e-cigarette models list, based on user reviews and ratings.



eGo T

For health concerns, eGo T is a prime name in the world of e-cigs. E-cig advertisements will promise you 100-150 puffs on their brands. But when you try them out, you will know the fact for sure as none of them will be able to deliver their promises. This is where eGo T stands apart from the rest. A cartridge that comes with the eGo T usually lasts for two days. You can also choose the concentration of nicotine for the product. From no nicotine to a maximum 25 percent, you can set it anywhere in this device. However, for the sake of your health, I will ask you to keep the nicotine concentration to a minimal level. The battery also offers a longer life than other average e-cigs. You will find the eGo T at a very affordable range at one of the local convenience stores. If you have a high level of anxiety, try out eGo T. It is a wise decision that you will take should you choose to try eGo T.

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Apollo Vtube

Apollo VTube

Offering variable vaping power, the Apollo VTube is another strong model that has been dominant in the electronic cigarette market. You can experience vaping power from 3volts to 6volts. You can adjust the juice level to your own preference. The process is not even complicated. Pushing a few buttons will do the trick. The model has been specifically designed for highly experienced smokers. The model usually comes with a copper or aluminum body. A series of buttons are attached to the body. There is also a LED screen just above the buttons. The screen displays the current voltage level of the device. The buttons are used for activation, increasing voltage, decreasing voltage and powering up the device. A spring attached to the end of the battery slot maintains the proper battery tension. Apollo VTube uses a 510 thread connection with a flat top high drain battery. The product also offers a battery charger, a leather case and a drip tip. There is a vented removable end cap on this device as well.

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eGo-C-twist e-cig Ego-C Twist

Providing personalized vaping is the purpose of e-cigs. E-cigs help you to give up smoking. In a condition as such, eGo-C Twist comes in as a game changer. It’s small size variable voltage e-cigarette. Twist is very simple to operate. It also has a decent look. However, the ‘twist’ feature of the model makes it completely unique. Twisting the bottom cap enables the user to change voltage. There is a minor downside of the model. A good model like this does not have a LED screen. Therefore, it does not display the current voltage level of the product. But then again, at $20 to $30, it already provides the user more comfort than most of the rivals. Most of the devices used at 5volts with a display will cost you approximately $70 to $100. Try the twist for yourself and you will get a feeling of pleasure unlike any.

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KR808D made its entry into the market with the slogan ‘looks, feels and works like a cigarette’. It focuses on the realistic aspect of a cigarette. It may produce as much vapor as a bigger electronic cigarette would, but it surely produces enough for you to experience personalized vaping at its best. Users often say that the vapor has the flavor of a typical cigarette to a certain degree. This flavor, however, is the result generated by the cartomizers. Cartomizers of this model have a different design. The cartomizers are quite efficient as each cartomizer serves the purpose of a cigarette pack. In other words, the cartomizers contain the flavor of 20cigarettes. But it is much smaller in size. The batteries used by this model are also pretty effective. Each battery can last up to 5hours of constant use. But surely you are not planning to constant use. Besides, it takes only two hours to recharge the battery. All in all, the KR808D model is a pretty neat one.

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most popular e-cigarette


One of the few names that have revolutionized the world of electronic cigarettes is ProVari. It clearly stands apart from its competitors with its long and unique list of features. A built-in button is attached to the body. It allows you to know when your battery is running low on charge so that you do not deplete it. However, the vapor level remains the same no matter at what level your battery is. ProVari also allows the user to adjust the voltage level from 2.9 volts to 6.0 volts. The model is controlled by a microprocessor that is built-in. ProVari offers a thermal condition which automatically turns the device off if the high temperature is detected. Once the device cools down, you can get back to operating it normally. Using a single battery, ProVari reduces the load you would have to carry along. The specially designed circuits also enhance your vaping experience.

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 eGo APV V2 (VAMO)

Another starter kit without atomizers is the eGo APV V2 (VAMO), which has a reputation for being one of the cheapest APV e-cig mod out there. It is a game changer for those who are budget conscious but would want to make a smooth transition from tobacco based cigars to electronic cigars. It proves to be a competition for higher priced products in the market. There are different modes to choose from, and switching modes only take a click on the small metal button for ten seconds. This setting is the best for those who are average vapers. Likewise, variable wattage modes can be switched just by pressing the small metal buttons for three seconds. The eGo APV V2 (VAMO) kit comes with a charger and the product itself but does not contain an atomizer so that you are free to choose the best atomizer of your choice. Its safety features also make it a standout because it turns itself off if not in use within ten seconds. The screen displays the status, indicating the need for it to be recharged. It also indicates when you need the atomizer to be replaced. You can also reinstall the battery when it is placed incorrectly. Its sales are going steady and it remains to be seen as a constant player in the industry.

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ViviNova Tank System

The ViviNova Tank System is another model of electronic cigarette that is quite popular. The model offers a black drip tip which allows most of the 510 tips to fit in. It also comes with three different coil heads. Those are: 1.8 ohm coil head, 2.4 ohm coil head and 2.8 ohm coil head. The coil heads have a screw on feature which enables the user to change coil heads at convenience. The signature box has different set of cutouts for all three coil heads. The model offers a 3.5ml clear tank. Although the tank is said to be 3.5ml, it can be filled up to 4.0ml with ejuice. As long as the juice is not sipping to the coil heads, you are absolutely safe. Disassembling the model is very easy. It helps to trim the wicks. Cleaning the device is also very easy. The model offers personalized vaping that lasts up to a whole day.

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DSE901 e-cig

DSE – 901

The DSE – 901 is another name that you can trust when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Why so? Well, to begin with, the model has been into existence ever since electronic cigarettes were introduced. It is very comfortable to use and has a sleek look. It has also been known as a great producer of vapor. This is the only electronic cigarette that has a pipe-tip mouthpiece with the cartridge. It makes holding the cigarette much easier. This feature made it an instant hit when it was first introduced to the market. The DSE – 901 has a completely unique set of its own. The batteries used in the product are shorter than regular ones in size. But the short batteries are great in efficiency for the product. The atomizer for this model is completely unique. The air hole is on the opposite side of the atomizer, unlike other electronic cigarettes. This makes the product very convenient to drag on. The smallest suction is good enough for this model to produce a good amount of vapor. If you are looking for a mini electronic cigarette, this is the model that you will regret missing out.

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